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Saturday, June 4, 2011

CAC update...day 9

I didn't finish watching Thursday's session but I have watched a bit of it from yesterday.  There weren't many witnesses to take the stand, but more of jailhouse video tapes of conversations between Casey & her parents.  The defense says that Casey knew at this time that Caylee was no longer alive.  Knowing that & then listening to the tapes, shows that Casey is a top-of-the-line (if that's possible) liar!   She goes on & on about how she knows Caylee is okay & she knows that they are going to be all together again one day soon.

She also talks about what she wants over & over again.  She wants to be home.  She wants to get out of there.  She wants to be at home with Caylee.  She wants to be a family again.  She wants to have Caylee's birthday party.  It's just so odd for her to be saying all that when she knows that her little girl is not coming home & isn't okay.

Another thing...if Casey's dad had anything to do with the death of Caylee...he would have also known at the time these videos were recorded.  He didn't make any indication of being guilty of anything, or have anything to hide from anybody.  He didn't go on & on, on one certain subject or topic, or have anyt "slip-ups" that might make you question he was guilty of something.  He even made reference to wanting Caylee back so she would say, "Joe Joe, let's go swim".  Don't you think if he was apart of burying Caylee's little body in the woods after he found her after she drowned in their swimming pool..he would have really made that direct statement like that?  I don't think so.

She said to her dad, " You have been a great dad & a great grandfather & don't ever think that you weren't."  This just makes me think if she had been abused since the age of 8, by her father, I wouldn't think she would say those things to him.  

Casey showed a lot more emotion today that I had ever seen her show.  During those videos she cried & cried & cried big tears.  It makes me wonder if she is missing Caylee, realizing what she has done & that she is going to spend the rest of her life in jail, or that she has thrown her dad under the bus, when he really didn't do anything wrong.

Also...if her dad was guilty, I am surprised that during the three years she has been sitting in jail she hadn't ever told someone that her dad was the guilty one & he should be the one in jail...not her!

I just hate that the defense is saying George Anthony is the guilty one.  I think it's going to eventually bite them in the butt, but that doesn't make it any easier on him.  I hope Casey realizes what she is doing.

I am starting to think that maybe...just maybe Casey didn't right out kill Caylee.  But I do think she did do something...I don't know what, but I think she is guilty for something, maybe not murder...but definitely something.

I say that she is guilty for something, because of all the lying that took place before Caylee was reported missing & as well as in the jailhouse tapes.  She currently says that she knew Caylee was dead when those videos were recorded of her with her parents.  Then why did she lie about it?  Why did she give her parent's any hope that they were going to see Caylee again?  Why did she go on & on about having a "feeling" that she knew Caylee was okay?  & that she knew no one was hurting her etc. etc.?  Man oh man...

just a little bit of my tid bit!

I haven't read anything, but have heard that today they talked about hairs there were found in the trunk of Casey's car...only one of like twelve came up to match the hair in Caylee's hair brush.  I'm interested to hear the details.  What have y'all heard/read new from today?


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