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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Phone Pics from our week...(last week!)

100% of the time I have my phone with me & Punkin' while we're out & about & I love the fact that I can snap pictures anytime, any where & still be able to blog about them, because I don't always have my camera with me!  ENJOY!

{this made me fill SO much better as a Mom!}
{Punkin' had his first s'more with the girls last week on KeeKee & Pop's patio!}
{I put my wet hair up in a messy bun & when I took it down it was WILD curly!-I liked it though!}
{Ryder fell asleep with Pop Pop on the couch one night...he was a tired lil boy!}
{first purchases for Ryder's 2nd birthday party! TJ Maxx of course!  =)}
{He now requires ALL his friend where ever we go..& this is not even half of them!}
{This is a sign I will not be reading ANY of Something Blue while in summer school...blah!}
 {Here he is asleep with all his "friends"...}
 {He discovered his reflection in the bathtub faucet for the first time & didn't know what to think!  I love him learning & discovering new things!  He was making funny faces at it to watch himself!}
 {We went swimming at some of mommy's HS friend's house on Saturday & Ryder would get on the raft with me & 'nuggle!  =)}
 {Not five minutes after getting in the car from swimming...he was passed out!  I was taking him to get his first snow cone too!  He slept in the car the whole time!}
 {I couldn't believe what I saw when I walked in Hobby Lobby the other day...FALL STUFF!!}
{Still the love of my life right now...I'll need another bottle before summers over I'm afraid!}

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