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Friday, June 3, 2011

May Product Love

I skipped April Product Love & was kinda sad, but I just didn't have anything I was in love with at the time!  But I'm back for May!  I can't believe it is already June!  Wow!  I don't have too many loves...but I hope you enjoy!

{Hawaiian Tropic Lime Colada after sun lotion}

I used this stuff in High School & hadn't used it for a while, because I hadn't been able to find it.  I finally saw it again the other day at the WM I usually don't go to. I was so happy!  It's really thick & stays on my skin for a long time...I do believe that it helps keep my tan longer & the smell of it is so yummy!  Sometimes I put it on after I get in from the sun, & then again later after I shower.  

{EOS lip balm}

I got this stuff for my mom for her stocking last Christmas.  She always likes new/different lip balm & this was definitely different!  Since then she has bought almost every flavor!  Ha!  She bought me my first one a few weeks ago...but now I'm in love with the Honeysuckle one!  It's so easy & fun & smooth to put on...I've only seen it at the check out lanes at WM!  Go getcha' some!  :P  Like 3 bucks...

I had heard of Pinterest a few times out in the blog world, but didn't bother messing with it.  But one day I up & decided to ask for an invite & a few days following I got "accepted" & got to "pinning" away!  I have so many different file folders organized on my computer whether is home decor, home ideas for the future or crafts or things I want to make.  Now  Pinterest can organize & keep all that FOR ME!  It is TOTALLY up my ally & I love looking at other things other people have found!  You can click on the link above to request an invite!  =)  You can visit Jenna's Journey where she blogged today on how to use Pinterest!

{Scentsy's July Warmer of the Month!}

Look how fun this is!  I can't even believe how cute it is!  It was just announced yesterday & you can pre-order now but they won't be available until July 1st!  I will definitely be getting one of these, especially because it's my birthday month!  :P


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  1. Hi Kati, I'm stopping by from Cleared for Takeoff. I LOVE Pinterest! :)


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