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Monday, June 27, 2011


  • I miss blogging so much. I feel like I am leaving so much out of my little man's life.
  • I have also lost my camera, but that is not to blame for my lack of posts. It's this thing called SUMMER SCHOOL--that completely BLOWS! & if I remember correctly was NOT this hard last summer!
  • I literally go to school, come home, eat lunch nap with Punkin, clean up the house, eat dinner & go to bed...oh yeah & NOT do the homework I'm supposed to do. Yes, it SUCKS. So weekends have become my best friend.
  • I haven't had my normal "Sunday-pool-day" the last two weekends because of Father's Day & then this weekend Punkin didn't go to his daddy's today. My tan is definitely showing from this!
  • I have been sad with my lack of attention & posts towards the Casey Anthony post, but I'm barely keeping up with it myself! I heard their was an abrupt recess yesterday that was NOT expected & Judge Perry said it was a legal issue. HMMM...??
  • I doesn't seem like I have one second to watch TV these days, and if I do it's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! =)
  • Ryder has seriously learned the words, "no" "nope" & "nah-huh" & how to use them correctly! We are working on not saying them to adults! Ha! This has been by far one of the hardest things to nip in the bud!
  • We had a great Father's Day. I didn't get one picture with my dad though.
  • Naynee has been staying with my parents since she got out of the hospital from surgery earlier this week & it has been fun to have company! Today was her birthday & all her kiddos came over to see her!
  • I love Pinterst more & more every day & can't get enough of it. Thank goodness I have it on my phone, because I seriously don't even have time to open my computer any more.
  • I "think" about blogging about SOO much...but you see how often that happens right!?
  • I am just ready to be a teacher...who needs this whole "school" thing anyways?
  • We have snuck away to the pool a few times...Abby came to see us on Saturday & we went out there for a little bit! Ryder has gotten to be so comfortable out there & it makes me so happy! I am hoping I can find a cute guy out there...but they all seem to be married with children. #fail
  • Ryder embarrasses me sometimes out there by the way he likes to make "friends". He thinks he knows everybody & wants all their toys & that requires me to befriend the child's mom & make small talk. Sometimes this is fun, but not always.
  • Ryder has been doing great at gymnastics. We have been 3 or 4 times now & he loves it EVERY week! I can't even remind him that day that we're going until we're walking about the door, or that's ALL he talks about & cries because it's not time to go yet! Ha!
  • I am seriously just ready to be done with class...& I will be in the next TWO weeks & then I will be FREE for a little bit before Fall classes start back up.
  • There is SO much I need to do in July. Get my hair cut. Go see my PCP about my heartburn. Get my teeth cleaned (I've put it off for like 2 years..I don't know why). Go see my GYN. Etc. Etc. This list goes on & on & that doesn't even involve all the crafts I want to do!
  • I do get to go to the beach in July though. I am more excited about taking my little man for the first time though! =)
  • Enough rambling for tonight..but I'm afraid that's all your gonna get from me for a while!


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