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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

one year down...

It's been on year since I officially lost a certain title to my name...you can read about that here.

It feels so good to be this far out from it now.  I have had to deal with a lot of "firsts" this last year & I am glad to say they are finally over.

A year ago today I was set free.  I can definitely say that I know for a fact, I am a bigger, better & stronger person because of what I've been through.  I always tell myself that if I can just help one person that is going through what I have been through, then it will have been worth it.  It's a horrible situation that I wouldn't wish upon anyone, & it breaks my heart to know that anyone is having to go through it, but I've been there & am willing to talk, or just listen when they need someone to talk to!

I thought I might be sad today, but I haven't been at all!  It's been a good day with my sweet boy!  He really is my best friend!  I'm hardly ever without him & miss him when he's taking a nap!  Ha!

One year, I know that I will not even recognize today's date when I see it & that will be a good day!  It marks a new chapter in my life & I am so glad to be on this end of it now!


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