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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Wonder Place & Friends!

We had a busy week this week!  After going to the pool on Wednesday, I wanted to take Punkin' to The Wonder Place in LR on Thursday!  We got up & got around & headed out the door...of course stopping at Sonic first!  ;)

He got in my jewelry drawer while I was getting ready & proceeded to put on almost every bangle!  Haha!  It's funny that he even had on some orange ones that matched his shirt!  :P
This is when we were headed out the door & I was telling him to take off all the bracelets & that he could take ONE with him!  Ha!
 We finally got to The Wonder Place & he went wild...he was just too excited to run around & play & see all the new & different toys!

There was a fun little play kitchen...I would love to have one for him at home, but I know that I would get in trouble from alooooot of people for doing that!  He had fun though!

 {I was impressed that he could climb this rock wall...but he is always amazing me doing new things!}
 {Little dress up station!}

There was a sand table that I thought was neat & made me want to get Punkin' a sand box for the back yard!  He would come in muddier every day than he already does though!  :O

They also had a "vet" clinic...& he is SOO into animals right now!  I let him listen to the animals heart just like the doctor listens to his & he loved it!  I just enjoyed seeing him doing new things for the first time & enjoying them, & just being a happy little boy!
He didn't want to play with the water table at first...but I finally made him because I knew he would enjoy it!  We left shortly after.  It was a fun morning, but I can't say that we will go back.  It might have been more fun if I had gone with another mom & child & had someone to visit with...but I know Ryder enjoyed it, so it was worth it!  =)

We called Ms. Abby to see if we could have lunch with her since we were in LR & luckily she was available!  We hung out at her house for a while after & then headed home!

Mommy got to get out & have dinner with some friends at Oak Street Bistro & then do a little shopping with them as well.  No big deal..but it was fun to get out & eat without my lil man!  ;P

We THEEEN went over to Kelly's house.  It was already late & was getting later...but for some crazy reason, I let him have some ice cream.  Kelly even let him put sprinkles on it!  He ate it all up & was asking for more!  We then baked cookies & I'm not even joking...the kid probably ate 5!  I also got to try out there Kuerig & I am in LOOOVE!  I.want.one!  AHH!

We went & visited with some friends & then me & Punkin' came home, snuggled & went to bed!  It was a fun & successful day with friends!  =)


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