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Monday, June 13, 2011

Swimmin' @ The Cummin's!

Last week Morgan invited us over to swim at her boyfriends house!  We had been over there before, but never to swim!  Josh & Jake were there & Ryder had a biggo time!  We were sad Ms. Dana wasn't there, but we went back the next day to have some FUN!
This was the first time he used this particular floaty & I can just go ahead & say it was the best $16 dollars I have ever spend on that child!  It works so great, & though I never don't leave his side, I can still let go of him & he is perfectly afloat head & all & he is a happy camper in it!

The picture above, Josh likes to get in Ryder's face & says, "Ryder-man-man-man-man" & Ryder says it back...it is just TOO cute!  & he only does it with Josh...no one else!  =)

 He was all about some jumping in--more like "falling" in though...we are working on that!  Ha!  & he loves STEPS!  I don't know why...but I sure do love my lil Punkin'!  =)
We had a great time & were so glad to have been invited over & can't wait to go back!  =)

& just for fun...this is Ryder with Josh ONE YEAR ago!  Hard to believe!  


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