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Thursday, June 30, 2011

CAC wrapping up & some randoms-

Y'all might get tired of my bulleted posts, but I'm just speaking my mind...& it's kinda all over the place lately!  :P

  • They wrapped the defense's case today in the Casey Anthony Case.  Today & yesterday were quite interesting.  Yesterday was probably one of the saddest days.  Watching Casey's dad George on the stand sobbing uncontrollably talking about trying to commit suicide & how he felt the day he found out the human remains were Caylee's.  I can't even imagine.  I just think about the love that my dad has for Ryder & what it would be like for him to have to go through something like that...it literally BREAKS my heart.
  • From this case, if you parents don't see how important it is to NOT enable your children while they are growing up, I don't know what would make you see that it's NOT okay!  We would all like to think our children wouldn't do certain bad things, but make them take responsibilities while growing up BIG or SMALL.  I'm not blaming it on George & Cindy, but I do think the way they raised Casey has a little something to do with this.
  • It also makes me sad to see George getting thrown under the bus & torn apart throughout this case, & then Cindy getting up on the stand & trying to take responsibility for the google searches for chloroform on their home computer (which I don't believe).  She is just trying to prevent her daughter from getting the death penalty.  I did hear tonight that Gentiva (the company Cindy used to work for) has been asked to show documentation that Cindy was on her computer at WORK while these chloroform searches took place on their home computer.  Now...that would be something wouldn't it?
  • Jose Baez brought up today how the Anthony family has disposed of their pets after they died.  Of course he though it was going to help the defense, but I think it helped the prosecutors even more.  Casey had watched her dad do this many times & had done it the exact way which her own daughter's body.  But...it's all about how the jurors are going to take it.  
  • Tomorrow is my birthday month!  I love the month all together...it's halfway through the year & I actually don't have too much going on with makes me happy!
  • I am soooo ready to be done with summer school!  A.WEEK.FROM.TOMORROW!
  • Oh yeah...I forgot about the 28 year old that flipped off Mr. Ashton while he was questioning someone on the stand.  He was caught on camera & put in jail for SIX DAYS!  I can't help but LAUGH!  As well as a 620 dollar fine!  HA!
  • Punkin' had gymnastics tonight & KeeKee & Naynee came to watch him!  I am so glad we did this for the summer, I just know he loves it so much!  It is great for him to get to run some energy off & do things we don't always get to do!
  • We had a dinner date with Ms. Rachel afterwards at Chick-fil-a & had a good time & a good visit! We might have to start doing this once a week or so!
  • When I got Ryder out of the car, he seemed to be extra super hot.  He's hot natured anyways, so I usually don't pay much attention to it.  Sure enough...101.2.  I can't say he's ever really had a fever.  Come to find out, he's just teething...4 big ole white suckers trying to break thru!  Poor baby!
  • I did 30 day shred for the first time in over a year last night & I could feel the burn this morning!  Not too bad because I've been stretching a lot lately, trying to get my ole cheerleading body back!  :P  I failed myself & didn't do it tonight, because of a killer headache.  I can barely walk from one room to the next because every step just makes it pound.
  • Every day I am finding new ideas for Ryder's baseball birthday party & it makes me want to get to crafting!!  I'm waiting till I'm done with class & then I'm gonna get after it!
  • I'm also planning on taking a HUUUUUGE load to Rhea Lana's at the end of July.  I haven't sold ANY of Ryder's clothes yet & I don't know why I thought I would hoard all of them for so long, but the tubs outside are beginning to pile up & I've realized I should probably just sell them now because I'm not gonna be having another baby for a good while & at what point am I going to stop hoarding his clothes?!  Lol...I think I'll keep some of them, & ones that I have special memories with, but they aren't doing me any good out in the storage closet off my carport!  Ha!
  • So...I may not really have a "busy" month of July, but I'll have enough to do on my plate!  


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