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Saturday, July 2, 2011

New news on CAC..

I heard some news about the Casey Anthony case tonight that I hadn't heard before...

While Casey was in jail, & people were looking for Caylee &/or her body.  Apparently Casey could see the news on the TV or something while in her jail cell.  Before Caylee's remains were really found, they had a false alarm & it was televised as it was all happening.  When Casey saw this she laughed & snickered after seeing the news on TV & went back into her cell acting like it was no big deal.

But then....when another alarm of remains having been found (which happened to be Caylee's actual remains), Casey could see that the TV camera crew was on Suburban Dr. she started hyperventilating in her jail cell & had to be medicated to calm her down & return her to a normal state.  Now...I'm no attorney, but what does this tell you?--She knew that that was where Caylee's remains were & that this was no false alarm, that this was the real deal & sweet little Caylee's remains had.been.found. & she might actually get caught & punished for what she had done!

Wow.  When I heard this, it just confirmed it all for me & what I've been thinking for the last four weeks.

Friday also brought another set of interesting news.  Cindy Anthony got on the stand & took FULL responsibly for the google searches for "chloroform" on their home computer.  This was something that the defense brought to the stand & I bet they are regretting it today!  I fully believe Cindy got up on that stand & took responsibily for those searches just to prevent her daughter from getting the death penalty.

Little did the defense know that she state could prove otherwise!  On Friday, the state brought Gentiva's (Cindy's former employer) attorney to the stand to prove that Cindy Anthony was at work on logged in to her username on her computer, during the exact hours when the "chloroform" searches took place.  So...this came back to bite the defense in THE BUTT!!

& I feel SOO bad for Roy Kronk.  He was the meter reader that found Caylee's remains.  He had found "something" multiple times during the months the searches were going on & called 911, but not one ever went out there to look around.  All he was doing was doing what the community had asked their people to do, & that was be on the look out for Caylee &/or her remains.  He did his good dead & wanted to remain anonymous through it all & I don't blame him....ESPECIALLY if what he "found" were really Caylee's remains--(& they were!)  & now he is being blamed for finding her remains, hanging on to them & throwing them back in some woods at a random time & taking responsibility for finding them so he could get media coverage & paid.  Uh...makes me so sad.  Baez says Mr. Kronk is a mentally bankrupt person desperate for attention & money.  I believe Kronk did the right thing.  He had contacted 911 multiple times & the police wouldn't go in the woods because it was "too jungley" & eventually lost his job for that.  Kronk eventually went back in the woods 4 months later & actually touched the remains himself with a stick & went & told police once again.  & think about it...if it weren't for Mr. Kronk finding the remains & actually making law enforcement do something about them, they wouldn't even be having a trail today!

If you want to talk about desperate for money...let's talk about Casey.  Multiple people talked about how fascinated by the media Casey was before she was arrested & in between her first and second arrest.  One time even saying she hoped it didn't rain so the helicopter news crew could get good shots.  SERIOUSLY?  Over the search/death of your DAUGHTER.  You have GOT to be kidding me!!  She also received $200,000 from ABC for pictures of her daughter

I think that's all for tonight!  But man oh man!--I'll get off my box now!  =) Closing arguments start tomorrow!


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