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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach Trip-Day 2 Lunch & Pool

Tuesday was our second day at the beach.  We have family that lives in Pensacola & the surrounding areas & made arrangements to meet up with them one day that we were down there!  We had just seen a few of them in May for Nana & Papaw's wedding anniversary, but not all of them, because some were on vacation during that time.  It was so good to see them & get to visit & catch up.  I'm sad I didn't get one picture.  :(

 We went to The Steamer & I had some of the best shrimp I've ever had, but the crab legs were pretty weak!  Me & G were disappointed because we LOVE us some crab legs! =)
 {Sometimes I wonder how we are even brother & sister!  :P}

 {The only family pic from the whole week}
 The Steamer was in a neat little shopping center place that had a lot of shops & tours etc. & me & Ryder went walking for a bit while we were waiting on our food.  Poor kid got a bit restless waiting for our food!
 {These shrimp were seriously THE BEST.  Those pliers on the other hand were NOT.}
 There was even a fun little play ground for kids to play on...so of course we had to do that!  He thinks any time there is sand he has to take his shoes off!  Ha!  He loved it though & cried when we had to leave.
After lunch we went home, let Ryder take a nap.  Me & G hit the beach a little bit & got some sun.  Then lil man woke up & came down to play with us.  He LOVES the swimming pool so much & it makes me so happy!  I can't wait to put him in swimming lessons next year!

We stayed in that night & ate yummy taco salad--one of my favorite meals!


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  1. That second pic of you and Ryder at the top is soo presh! And do those shrimp have their heads still on? How do you eat those? Is that what the pliers are for?


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