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Monday, July 15, 2013

happy monday!

Ryder always stays with his Mimi on Sunday nights so he spends his Monday mornings playing out on the farm!
He loves playing in the sprinkler, swimming in the swimming pool, going down the slides, gathering eggs from the chicken, riding four wheelers down to the frog pond, eating push ups and playing wii ski!  Those are just a few of the fun things he does out at Mimi & Pawpaw's!  So thankful that he loves it so much out there!
He saw me using this new blind cleaner and wanted to use it too!  {Dollar Tree $1}
...and when that gets old he just curls up in a laundry basket to play on his iPad!  Ha!  Interested spot of choice huh!?  :P

Of course when I say "don't get in the water" as we walk over to KeeKee and Poppy's, he walks right along the edge!  He is "obeying" and "disobeying" at the same time...I guess I'll take it though!  :P
I love Mondays with my little goose!  ;)

Here's two videos from our Monday!  One of him playing with an earth worm and one from swinging! ENJOY!  =)


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