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Thursday, July 25, 2013

birthday party fun!

R had four birthday parties in one week!  They all do a little birthday party (cake and goodie bags) at school for all the kids.  Everybody gets everybody a $5 dollar gift, and they love handing their gifts to the birthday child!  It's a fun and special time for the birthday child and all the other kids involved!
Essie had a Doc McStuffins party!  The invitation was so cute and it asked for everyone to bring in their favorite stuffed animal for a "check up"!  How fun!  If you're a preschool parent or have ever watched Doc McStuffins then you know how perfect this is!  We love Doc at our house, so R was really excited!

Here is all the stuff that got sent home with R!  Essie's mom made all of it!  There was also a name badge that had R's pictures on it and said "Dr. Ryder".  I thought this party was the cutest little idea and so wish Doc was a boy!
On Saturday morning, Essie had her "real" birthday party at Jump Zone!  R loves JZ and the only time we go there is for birthday parties....so works out for me, and him!  :P
This party had a Little Mermaid theme and her mom went above and beyond and had some of the cutest stuff!  Of course I had to take pictures!  =)

All my son cared about was the dang cupcakes!  Of course!
After the party I asked R where he wanted to eat...CFA of course!  Even though we had just been there the night before for Cow Appreciation Day! Oh well...you only live once right?!  :P  So off to Chick we went!  I am not one to go to Chick on a Saturday, but I braved it and it wasn't too bad!  ;)

We went home after lunch and I wanted R to take a nap....BUUUUUT that didn't happen!  Ha!
Up next was AZ's party at Ryder's gymnastics place!  We actually met AZ and her family when he started gymnastics during the summer of 2011.  Come to found out, we all went to the same church!  & now her parents are in my parents small group!

AZ had a Princess Sophia party!  R had a lot of fun and really enjoyed getting to play and hang out with AZ!

So thankful for R's little group of friends!

Have a great Thursday friends--one day closer to the weekend!  ;)

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