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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

our fourth

We had a pretty laid back fourth of July which was really nice.  We slept in, made breakfast together and then had some outside time before it got too hot!  We didn't have any where to be until 5 o'clock so we were just hanging out like any other day!  I love days at home with my sweet boy!
I just love these sweet sleeping feet!  =) 
Nothing like waffles with chocolate chips on top!  ;)
Little back yard kiddie pool fun!
He insisted on "laying out" in my spot!  Ha!

We went to Naynee's for dinner and did fireworks with all the cousins!  We had a good time as always...and R always gets worn out!  My phone was dead and I just let it stay that way, which is why I don't have any more pictures from our evening...and I'm okay with that!  Sometimes, you just need to enjoy the moment and not worry about trying to capture all the moments!

Thankful for this country, my family and The God that we serve!


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