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Saturday, July 20, 2013

random happenings

R stopped by a different bank branch other than my dad's with his Mimi one day...and the girls at that branch took of picture of R and sent it to my dad saying, "Look who we got to see today!" & then dad sent me this pic!  R gets out and about more than I do seems like it!  :P
He brought all this into the kitchen to give me a concert...too funny!  I might have a little band student on my hands!  :P
He was trying to build a pond in the backyard!  He's creative I'll tell ya!
Still having some sparkler fun at KeeKee & Poppy's!
There is tons of construction going on, on the street I live...they are tearing down business signs here and there!  I can imagine it's a bit confusing if you aren't used to the area...and it seriously changes from day to day!  You never know what it's gonna be like...and if I had a dollar for every orange barrel out there I'd be rich!  Anyways...R noticed this lonely sunflower in the middle of the construction one day, in front of our dentist office.  I just happened to be going there the next day and I asked them if I could get it for him!  He loved it and was so excited!  =)
My little guy being crazy working in the garden at Mimi's with cousin Hannah!
Enjoying some kool-aid popsicles on Mimi's backporch!

We are having a relaxing Saturday at our house and I hope you are doing the same!


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