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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

cow appreciation day 2013

As you know, we love CFA!  I was excited about Cow Appreciation Day this year because we didn't get to go last year for some reason!
I had saved up a bunch of CFA stuff, just for this event!

We went right after I picked R up from school..around four, for an early dinner!  It was the perfect time for this day because no one was there!  I don't do well with crowds and a kid!!

"Moo-ing" like a cow!  Ha!

They even had face painting and a balloon man outside!  R loved them both!

 R loved this big cow!  He was trying to teach him how to do the hop scotch...the cow kept doing it wrong and getting frustrated!  R kept helping him and he finally got it!  ;)

So blessed by such a wonderful company!  & we can't wait for the new one to be open on our side of town...and THEN we're really going to be in trouble!  ;)


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