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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mid Week Randoms!

  • I've got a whole bunch of random-ness going on for ya today!
  • I'm linking up with Megan from In This Wonderful Life for Mid Week Randoms!

  • We have been enjoying our summer and it's hard to believe that it is almost half way over!  We have been letting fun and memories come first and letting the house get dirty and laundry pile up, and I'm perfectly okay with that!  ;)
  • This is my last summer as a student!  WAHOO!

  •  I saw this at Starbucks a while back and of course it caught my eye!  ;)  I know it's not pronounced the same as my name, but it's fun!  Mom got me a half a pound...it's okay...reminds me of Christmas, but I really think the flavor of my creamer messes it up, so I'm gonna try it again without my creamer!  

  • I've been busy trying to finish reading Insurgent!  It was a long read and I felt like nothing BIG was happening...or big things were happening but then it just kept on going!  Well...it was wonderful, but of course the end left me with a MAJOR cliff hanger and the third one doesn't come out till October, which means I probably won't be reading it until December!  

  • Here's the third book to the Divergent series!  ECCK!  {PS I like it better than the Hunger Games, and I really liked the HG!} 

  •  The Friday after the fourth was one of my favorite days all summer!  R & I got up early because he had gymnastics...and we went straight to the pool right after.  R loves the pool and has gotten to where he just goes down the slide the whole time we are there.  Poppy decided to join us, and I am so glad he did!  We ate lunch pool side, read, talked and people watched for 5 hours--it was FABULOUS!  Then we came home, played outside, drank sweet tea with fresh mint from a mason jar, shot some fireworks, took baths and went to bed!  Such a great summer day--I LOVED it!  
  • I was making tuna/egg salad a few days back and look at which I discovered with cutting up the boiled eggs!  I was shocked!  These were farm raised eggs from Ryder's Mimi so I was really confused as to what was going on...but I'm pretty sure they are white because the chicken is or isn't eating something that should normally make the yoke yellow.

  •  KeeKee and I took R to see Despicable Me 2 and we all LOOOOVED it!  We haven't seen the first but it's on our list of "to see" movies real soon!

  •  This crazy kid loves his Poppy lots and lots! =)

  •  "Look mom, I'm spiderman!"  This little boy is just growing up under my eyes--I love this age, but where is the time going?!  :(

  • R found a cicada on my tire the other morning before school and asked me to put it in a jar so that he could take it to school to show all his friends!  This made me happy!  Of course I took care of it all for him and his friends loved it as much as he did!

  •  I've loved having leisurly mornings giving me time to make breakfast, get some laundry going, etc. etc. and being able to sit down and enjoy a peaceful morning in The Word.  I usually do that at night when R is in bed, but doing it in the morning usually makes for a wonderful day!  

  • I wanted to share these cute party invites from one of R's friends as school!  We LOVE Doc McStuffins and I thought this was the cutest idea to have everyone bring a stuffed friend to receive a "check up"!  We'll see how it turns out...I can't wait!  


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