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Thursday, November 19, 2009

....it's been TOO long

Here I go again, making excuses for why I haven't been blogging...but me & Ryder are just having too much fun together! But the laundry is done & the house is clean & lil man is asleep..so here I am!

Someone wants to crawl so bad and tries SO hard, but just isn't strong enough yet! Yesterday he rolled over four...YES FOUR...times! I saw it happen once and the other times I wasn't in the room. He is such a hoot! Just a minute ago, he pulled his paci out and was holding on to it! OH MY! I love my crazy boy!

Dinner @ MiMi & PawPaw's

Jake wanted to hunt a little bit so we took off to Alread Monday afternoon to stay with Granny Jean and let Daddy go hunting Tuesday morning & afternoon. We had a delicious dinner Monday night and just had a good time relaxing & enjoying ourselves away from home. Daddy didn't have any luck...didn't even SEE anything! But Uncle Josh got a 9 point on Monday while we were on our way up there. Before we left Tuesday night we had a big dinner with pork tenderloin, cream potatoes, black eyed peas, french rolls and mommy's favorite blackberry cobbler! YUMMY! Aunt Amanda and Hannah came up there that night as well. They got some lovin' in before we had to head out. You were a great baby the whole time, and of course slept through the night! We are so thankful for that. It makes mommy not mind getting up @ 6 or 7 every morning to feed you! We are beyond blessed!

You & Granny Jean
Uncle Josh watched you while Granny Jean took mommy & daddy to see a swimming hole!
With my lil' man!
Wednesday felt like a catch up day of unpacking, laundry, putting everything back where it goes etc. Mommy cooked some of daddy's hog he cooked for the first time. It wasn't bad @ all, thanks to a yummy marinade mommy found on another blog! We will defiantly have it again very soon!

Today mommy cleaned house, and it feels so good to have the house clean. I'm starting to pull out Christmas things and making lists of what I still need to get, but not quite putting anything out JUST yet! A few of our neighbors have their trees up, and they look so pretty through the windows!
Ryder-Man watching Grey's while mommy cleaned!

"Izzie is so cute!"

Prolly be back in a week or so! Ha!

Monday, November 9, 2009

my lil man is TWO MONTHS old!

It's hard to believe that 2 months ago today we were cooped up in our lil Maternity Recovery room at Baptist with our 10 hour old little baby boy, not having a clue at how much of a BLESSING he was going to be to us, and how HAPPY he was going to make us or how in LOVE we were going to be with him!

I'm lucky I got this two shots, cause right after the last one...he spit up ALL of the place! Poor baby!

"Why do you always have that camera in my face?"
"I'm not to sure about this whole crib thing yet"

What you have been up to Wild-Man!
-We have gotten into a good routine which mommy loves of eating, hanging out with mommy, and then sleeping!! And then doing it all over again!
-You have been sleeping through the night since about 7 weeks, and it is SO nice! Mommy doesn't mind getting up @ 6 to feed you!
-We started supplementing with 4oz. of formula after each feeding @ 6 weeks to help you gain a little bit more!
-You are a wiggle WORM! Daddy says you get it from me, but I think you get it from him! Ha!
-You smile ALL the time still!
-You are a mommy's boy, the simple feeling of my chest & shoulder can sooth you.
-You sat in your Bumbo for the first time on Halloween!
-You no longer like tummy time!
-You would rather be in your swing, able to look around @ everything going on!
-You started to notice your hands & feet & that they were apart of your own body.
-You love lunch & dinner dates with mommy & her girls!
-You stayed with MiMi & Pawpaw while mommy & daddy went out on their first date since you were born!
-You have chuckled once or twice for mommy.
-You have started to pooch out your bottom lip when you are about to cry, and it just breaks out hearts.
-You have grabbed your feet a few times with your hands!
-Your personality is really starting to show, and it is just SO sweet!
-I have seen you roll over two more times!
-While on your stomach (which is rare) you just hold your head up & look around!
-I gave you your first bath by myself, and it wasn't too bad!
-Your still in most of your newborn clothes, but we have started to notice them getting a lil tight which is a GOOD thing!
-You are still wearing Newborn diapers as well.
-Your not a big fan of your carseat like you used to be, but the secret mommy touch always works. It consists of having your paci, coving your face with a burp rag and whispering "SHHHH" in your ear & it was automatically calm you!
-You love for people to talk to you! You will just talk & laugh back!
-Your hair has started to grow a little bit more in the front but stays CRAZY in the back!
-I can't seem to keep up with how fast your little fingernails grow!
-Your thighs are finally filling out, and your even getting a lil belly! Whoever though?!?
Pops came by to visit a few days ago while in town on his lunch break!

Jake was working on Sunday, and my dad said he was driving up to Batesville that morning to see his Aunt Dean. I have been wanting to get little man up there to see her, and I'm SO SO SO glad it worked out for Ryder and I to get to go up there with my dad! It was just like every other time we have been up there since I can remember. Ham, homemade mashed potatoes, cream style corn, beans, cornbread, pickles, sweet tea & of course just for me and my dad Chocolate Cake!!
Sweet thing on the way up there!
Aunt Dean's first time holding Ryder. He was so good & happy for her too!
Ryder's Great-Great Aunt & his Momma.
Visiting Daddy @ the Firehouse one day! We look JUST like him!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Weekend!

Friday night, Ryder and I went out to eat with my parents and Miss Lynn and we had a really good time! Ryder was real alert and just so curious @ the restaurant.

Saturday was a chill day around the house with dad which is always nice, since our weekends aren't always "weekends" to us! Mimi & PawPaw and Hannah Grace came over to take pictures in their costumes. I think this is our first picture of then with both grandkids. Our neighborhood was INSANE starting at about 4:30 Saturday afternoon. Kids EVERYWHERE! Jake handed out our candy across the street in the driveway with some neighbors, and Ryder slept most of the time.
Hannah, Mimi w/ Ryder & PawPaw
With my little lobster!

After he woke up from his Halloween nap, about to head to Outback for dinner!
Being good @ Outback for Daddy.
Sunday was such a beautiful day, we went for a walk and Ryder was such a HAPPY baby! I just kept snapping pics he was smiling so much. This is probably my new favorite picture of him!
Uncle G feeding lil man while I went grocery shopping!

We have had a pretty chill-ax week so far. Last night we went to dinner with Mimi & Aunt Amanda @ Market Place, and then he stayed @ KeeKee and Pop's while I did some grocery shopping. He really is just smiling ALL the time now, and alot with his mouth open like the picture above. His personality is starting to show, and it makes us so happy...and love him more than we already do!