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Thursday, November 19, 2009

....it's been TOO long

Here I go again, making excuses for why I haven't been blogging...but me & Ryder are just having too much fun together! But the laundry is done & the house is clean & lil man is asleep..so here I am!

Someone wants to crawl so bad and tries SO hard, but just isn't strong enough yet! Yesterday he rolled over four...YES FOUR...times! I saw it happen once and the other times I wasn't in the room. He is such a hoot! Just a minute ago, he pulled his paci out and was holding on to it! OH MY! I love my crazy boy!

Dinner @ MiMi & PawPaw's

Jake wanted to hunt a little bit so we took off to Alread Monday afternoon to stay with Granny Jean and let Daddy go hunting Tuesday morning & afternoon. We had a delicious dinner Monday night and just had a good time relaxing & enjoying ourselves away from home. Daddy didn't have any luck...didn't even SEE anything! But Uncle Josh got a 9 point on Monday while we were on our way up there. Before we left Tuesday night we had a big dinner with pork tenderloin, cream potatoes, black eyed peas, french rolls and mommy's favorite blackberry cobbler! YUMMY! Aunt Amanda and Hannah came up there that night as well. They got some lovin' in before we had to head out. You were a great baby the whole time, and of course slept through the night! We are so thankful for that. It makes mommy not mind getting up @ 6 or 7 every morning to feed you! We are beyond blessed!

You & Granny Jean
Uncle Josh watched you while Granny Jean took mommy & daddy to see a swimming hole!
With my lil' man!
Wednesday felt like a catch up day of unpacking, laundry, putting everything back where it goes etc. Mommy cooked some of daddy's hog he cooked for the first time. It wasn't bad @ all, thanks to a yummy marinade mommy found on another blog! We will defiantly have it again very soon!

Today mommy cleaned house, and it feels so good to have the house clean. I'm starting to pull out Christmas things and making lists of what I still need to get, but not quite putting anything out JUST yet! A few of our neighbors have their trees up, and they look so pretty through the windows!
Ryder-Man watching Grey's while mommy cleaned!

"Izzie is so cute!"

Prolly be back in a week or so! Ha!

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