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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Every night when it's time to go to bed...I get mad @ myself, because I didn't update my blog! AHHH!! But here I am now...

Last week in review...From Ryder!
Auntie Dell came home from school for the week, so mommy took me over to see her & Ms. Kelly! They just loved on me and held me the whole time!
Mommy cooked some taco soup for MiMi & PawPaw one night!
Daddy had to work on Thanksgiving, so Mommy took me by the Fire Station to see him!
Thanksgiving day I went with Mommy to Granny Jean's in Alread. This is me with my cousin Hannah, Great Granny Jones & Great Granny Jean.
Me with my Granny Jean!
& with my Granny Jones!
With cousin Hannah! She sure does LOVE me!
With my MiMi & Hannah!
Mommy let me watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV! YES! I was sick of watching Grey's anyways!
Friday we went to Nana & PaPaw's in Pangburn for some YUMMY food (even though I didn't get any of the good stuff till later that night!) This is me with Mommy & Daddy down on the dock on the Little Red River!
Me & my Great PaPaw in our matching hats!
Daddy holding me while I PATIENTLY waited my turn to get my picture taken!
I love my Daddy!
These are some of my second cousins! They all love to touch me and rub my head and talk to me!
Mommy with Pops down on the dock.
Mommy with Uncle G...I can't wait I can go huntin' with him!
Me & Ben!
With my Great Nana...I told you they like to touch & talk to me!

I had a GREAT first Thanksgiving! Now Mommy is putting crazy things up INSIDE the house, like all these big green TREES with shiny lil dots & BIG balls every where! She always wrapping things up with paper & pretty bows, and then throwin' um under the tree! What's going on with her? Guess I'll find out soon! =)

Love, Ryder

Since Thanksgiving I have just been trying to get back on track from been being away from the house for 2 almost 3 straight FULL days! It's TOUGH! Ryder got to meet his friend Braxton for the first time Friday night...like lay on the floor play together! Braxton is 4 months old so he was getting after it, but Ryder wasn't feeling it so much!

Church on Sunday was GREAT! We always wishfully hope that Ryder will sleep through the service so Jake & I can be in there together, but he didn't, and it was Daddy's turn to take him out! It was nice to just relax and enjoy the sermon for a little bit!

Monday I took Ryder over to my mom's while Jake was at work, and I helped her with some of her Christmas decorations, even though she already had ALOT done! I got to get all my ornaments from growing up and bring them home for OUR tree! I didn't realize how many I had! Mostly Hallmark, but there are always the ones you make at school, and ones from ornament exchanges, and the one my mom had bought me every year, and a few from vacations!

Last night we went over to Luke & Jenn's for dinner...and MAN can Luke cook! I told him I'm embarrassed to cook for him now! Ha! We had a good time, and it was 9:30 before we knew it, and we headed home! Ryder fell asleep in the car, and didn't wake up till 8 this morning! It was nice! Jake & I took the moment & ran with it, and watched a movie on the couch together in peace & quiet! Seems like it's been FOREVER since that has happened! Not complaining...AT ALL...just saying!

Ryder & I left the house today around 1 to get somethings done that just HAD to be done. Return some stuff at Target, get labels for the Christmas Cards...(which are ADORABLE, picked up my test copy today!), take some stuff to the UPS store (which did you know they have a drop off @ Staples? I was going there anyways so it was nice!) & of course visit Daddy! That was our day...Ryder's asleep now so I'm trying to hurry up & get this & a FEW other things done!

I could say you'll see me tomorrow...but that would be a lie!

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