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Thursday, December 10, 2009

3 months...1/4 of a year old!

Someone turned three months old yesterday...oh how my lil boy is growing! We were gone ALL day yesterday from about 11 to 10 last night, so needless to say, I didn't get around to posting! I got pretty much all of my last little Christmas shopping done yesterday! GO ME! I ordered more last one today online...and I just might pick up a few more lil things for Ryder, but that's IT!

I had to raise his car seat straps up today...they were getting a lil too tight on my big boy! I also took the head rest holder thing out as well!

Getting SO big!
Mac'n with Mama today in our Bumbo!

3 Months...

So glad I got a smile out of him!

Few things you have been doing these days...
-Noticing your lips, sucking in on the top & bottom
-Grabbing EVERYTHING! You even grabbed mommy's plate @ the dinner table!
-Reaching & grabbing for you toes, even pulling your socks off a few times!
-Laughing when someone laughs
-Likes to stand up on our laps ALL the time. We have to make you sit down!
-Starting to hate when we put you in your carseat...until we get you a blanket & cover up your face
-When your on your tummy, you can hold your head up 90 degrees & look around like a little owl!
-You kinda push yourself up with your arms, but are still trying to make those muscles even strong so you can start crawling!
-You are still sleeping through the night from about 9pm-7 or 8 am
-You love bath time now, & you make it SO fun!
-You are now in 0-3 months clothes! FINALLY! I packed away all the newborns last weekend!
-Still in NB diapers, but probably won't buy any more, and will just go up to ones, cause they are getting a lil tight!
-You had your first cold the week of Thanksgiving and I think it bothered mommy more than it did you!
-When someone grabs your hands or arms while your laying down, you can pull yourself up onto you feet, and hold your neck up when doing so!
-You love to watch Grey's reruns with mommy all day long!
-You will pull your own paci out!
-If there is a TV in the room, you are WATCHING it!

We love you so much, and love how you have changed our lives!
I had him laying on the recliner, and he turned himself ALL the way around to see the TV!
We caught him doing this the other night and just CRACKED up! SILLY boy! He was just holding it up...for a good 4-5 minutes...we didn't just catch him in that position!

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