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Friday, December 4, 2009


So...it's past midnight, but I still consider it being two blog posts in two days! The boys are both in bed...and I was just NOT tired! I was crafty a bit...and now things are drying, so I'm on here! Just a few random things...

This is what Ryder's carseat looks like after we get him out! He constantly drops his paci while I'm driving and I just keep the diaper bag stashed with them, and when the one he has falls out...I just plop another one back in there! Haha! He is a paci hoarder!
My first lotto ticket...and I won ONE dollar! WAHOO!!
Ryder helping daddy work..notice the pen in his hand! He is into grabbing EVERYTHING!
My sweet lil thing! Daddy's lil helper!
And last but not least...MY lil reindeer! I found these in my Christmas decorations from school and just couldn't resist! Haha! He was good for me the whole time...I just laughed & laughed! Poor baby! Haha! He will hate me one day for this! :P

No big plans for tomorrow...I am for SURE not getting out on a Saturday in December! HA! We are going to dinner tomorrow night while MiMi keeps Ryder which will be VERY enjoyable!

Can't guarantee a post tomorrow though!

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