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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Visit with Santa!

Today's been a nice, lazy, rainy day at home. We have done just about nothing, except for the normal, feed...change diapers pick up etc. It's my life though and I LOVE it! I did craft a lil bit earlier, cause I snuck to Hobby Lobby yesterday before we went to see Santa. I could spend all day, and ALL of our money in that store! It is already looking bare in the Christmas department! There were already EMPTY shelves! I was telling my mom the other that we should go there the day after Christmas to get some good stuff & deals...but who knows if there will be anything left! Ryder has been GREAT all day, and he fusses when he's tired so I lay him down and he goes to sleep! I enjoy him falling asleep on me, but some times this is a nice change! I'm cooking a tenderloin for dinner from a hog that Jake's dad & brother killed out on the farm! I was totally against eating or cooking any of it, until I found a GREAT tenderloin recipe!

Sunday Ryder & I went & spent the afternoon with my parents & brother. It was nice to get away & out of the house, and to see everybody! Ryder just talked and talked, and couldn't take his eyes off of the big screen TV!

Chillin' with KeeKee & Pops

Last night we went to see Santa Claus @ my Dad's bank...Ryder did SO good! I was glad we got in there when we did, cause as soon as we got to the car, he LOST it and cried the whole way home. Poor baby...he was just hungry!

1st picture with Santa Clause!
With Mr. & Mrs. Clause!

Abbey came over to visit and hang out with us later that night...I tried a new recipe for her that I will never fix again. I guess you have to try it once to figure out you don't like it though! It wasn't BAD it just wasn't good!

He just grinned & grinned @ her!
Sweet boy!

Hopefully I take some pictures of our Christmas decorations tonight and get those up on here in the next few days!

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