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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Week Thus Far...

Daddy worked Saturday & we stayed home, and did absolutely NOTHING! It was so nice... especially since it was so cold out! We went to the early service on Sunday, and then came home and put some chili in the crock pot & tried a new Mac & Cheese recipe which was SOOOO good! I think I got it out of the December Southern Living, and Jake loves sour cream and it had it in it as well as rotel & onions! YUM! We will definitely be having it again soon!

Here is what my lil man looks like in the morning when it's time for him up! When he sees me round the corner, he just GRINS & GRINS, and I can't wait to bend over & pick him up to get my hands on him!

"Come on mom...get me up already!"

Monday morning we got up & got around and went over to Granny Jones' to make Ryder's first sugar cookies! He actually participated! I was so proud! We had fun, and they were fun to try after we were done!
Hanging out with Daddy!
Cutting out his Gingerbread Man!
Ryder Man with his Granny Jones!
Watching mommy ice the cookies!

Today has kinda been a catch up day....ohh & Ryder hasn't been feeling himself the last few days. Runny nose again and just congested. We're taking good care of him though! He is staying with KeeKee later tonight while I go shopping with my dad & brother for my mom for Christmas! I'm really looking forward to it! We have always gone shopping together for mom for as long I can remember! I don't know what they would do with out my help though! Poor guys! Ha!

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