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Monday, March 4, 2013

31 day blog challenge...day 4

Day 4:  Best childhood memory

I have a few random ones I want to share...nothing too special, just great memories.

  • Going to my great aunt and uncles' house out in the middle of know where with my cousin Tonya and getting to sleep under the pullout couch in the living room...making our own "tents"
  • My family's vacation to St. Louis in the 3rd-ish grade?  We went to a 17 inning Cardinals game, went up in the arch, St. Louis Children's Museum, and ate on a McDonald's boat.  For some reason...very memorable!
  • Getting ice cream at my Nana's when we were little, each grandkid would get the number of cherries in their bowl plus one!  So fun because I was always the oldest!  :P
  • Going down to the farm with my dad and brother and our friends during the summer to ride four wheelers and fish, and "rough it" for a couple of days.
  • My dad taking us to monster truck rallies, rodeos etc. just to expose us to different things!  So thankful!

That's about it...told ya it wasn't too excited, but it's my most vivid and thankful memories growing up! =)



  1. That's so great that your dad would take you to different events for the experience! I try to do that with my daughter.

  2. Your farm time sounds fun. We love riding 4-wheelers here, but we have to go up to our hunting camp to do that.

  3. Those are awesome memories and the making tents sounds like fun!

  4. It would be hard to forget a 17 inning ballgame..sounds like you have some great memories

  5. A McDonald's boat? I'm curious, what is that exactly?


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