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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Project 365...Week 11 {Round 2}

{March 10}
At his dad's playing with his new pup...Hawk.

{March 11}
 This kid loves some ice cream!  You can hardly get him to even look up after you have handed him his bowl!  That's what I was trying to do with him here!

{March 12}
R & Sister just sat outside at my parents one night...and he just talked and talked and talked to her, then he'd carry her around, and set her back down, and talk to her some more!  Pretty sweet!  Poor Sister!  :P

{March 13}
This made my heart happy!  =) 

{March 14}
Puttin' that boy to WORK!  Made me start thinking about assigning him chores!  Humm..

 {March 15}
Lovin' that gatorade on Poppy's fourwheeler! 

{March 16}
Getting ready to cut down the tree in my front yard with Poppy!  KeeKee even got him his own chain saw to help!  =)


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