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Monday, March 4, 2013

Date Night!

One day when it was raining last week, when I went to pick Ryder up from school they were inside (they are usually outside playing), and they were all taking turns getting to bowl.  Poor Ryder did NOT know what he was doing, but he was enjoying it so much and sweet boy was trying so hard!  I thought to myself, "Why haven't I taken that boy bowling?!"  I felt like a horrible mom!!  So, it was my mission that next weekend to take him bowling!

Sure enough on Friday afternoon when I picked him up I told him I was taking him some where and he said, "Where?  The bowling alley?!"  I knew he had been looking forward to it all week when I told him I would take him.  We went about 5 o'clock, and there were literally two other groups in there and no one else!  It was so nice! 

 Getting his shoes on, and oh so excited!!

Of course they gave him a super little ball from behind the counter, got him a stand to use, and we got the bumpers up for him!  ;)

He really wasn't a bad bowler...he loved that he had two chances to get them all...but he loved it even more when I missed!  Little booger!!  But he always cheered for me when I got a strike!  ;)  

I asked him where he wanted to go eat afterwards...and he said exactly what I thought he would say--Panera!  Crazy kid!  He likes to sit in the window sill at one particular seat, and of course it was taken, but we made do!  
PB&J for little bit, and tomato soup and macaroni and cheese (only the best!) for Mama!

It was a perfect little date night with my little man and I look forward to many more with him just like this!  I'm already trying to figure out when I can take him back to the bowling alley!


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