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Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Monday! =)

We had a good Monday!  I subbed for a math class I've had before...and it went really well!  Just makes for a good, enjoyable day...and a Monday at that!  I was ready to go get little man from school though because I was missing him!  He was outside playing basketball when I pulled up and had just made a basket!

We stopped by Maggie's for some cookies and a Sprite (his fav when he gets to have coke) and then went straight to KeeKee's to play outside (since our driveway isn't paved). 
He got this coo tricycle for his birthday and it's been a bit too long for his legs to reach until now...goes to show you how much he's grown in just the passed few weeks!  He was so happy he could finally ride it and kept saying, "Bunky and Linda Sue got me this for my birthday!"  I'm gonna hop on the back and make him ride me around soon!  Ha!

He was throwing this stick for Sister to go fetch...

Poppy came by to see us and decided he wanted Moe's...so we met KeeKee there for dinner and then Poppy insisted on taking R to Marble Slab for some ice cream...we hadn't ever been there before!  Well...good choice!  I didn't get anything, but I had a few bites of Ryder's and it was GOOOD!  We'll be going back!  =)

 That boy loves his ice cream!  He literally doesn't stop looking at it and shoveling it into his mouth until he is done!
Real quick...funny story.  On our way to church yesterday morning I told him in the car that I prayed for him to have a kind heart, and a loving heart to all the kids in his class...and he said mom, "But I can't...I only have one heart."  Well son...I guess you're right!  :P


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