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Sunday, March 3, 2013

31 day blog challenge...day 3

Day 3:  What makes you happy?

This is going to be so cliche for any mom...but...it's the truth!  & if you're not a mom, then one day you will understand...I promise!

  • Seeing Ryder SO excited about something--even if it's just a new pack of gum, or telling him that we are going to the bowling ally, or the park, or that we're about to go see his KeeKee!  Seeing happiness in children is such an exciting thing!
  • When people do something unexpected for me...
  • Watching and hearing Ryder soak things up like a sponge!  I seriously only have to tell him things once and he will remember it for good!  I really have to be careful about what I say!
  • Being in the classroom with students and finally seeing them "get it"--when that light bulb goes off in their head and everything you have been trying to teach them finally makes sense to them.  Happiness for a teacher!
  • When Ryder yells "Mooooooom!!!!" & I'm like OMG, "WHATTTTT?" & he says, "I love you mom."  #meltmyheart
  • When people tell me I'm a good mom.  This might sound like bragging, but it's not.  All moms doubt themselves at times, and even though I know I'm not perfect, it is nice to hear someone say I'm doing a good job every once and while.  
  • Getting out of bed and knowing my morning coffee is waiting on me!
  • Finding something I've been wanting/looking for--ON SALE!!
  • Being able to say "less than a year" when people ask me when I'm going to be done with school!  ECCCKK!!



  1. I am right there with you about all moms doubting themselves. My daughter is 12 and I doubt myself all the time (I often get told I am a good mom too, so I must be doing something right). I also love the "get-it" moment too.

  2. Teaching can be such a joy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I also like waking up and walking right to the coffee maker to pour myself a cup.


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