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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Break @ Home

We have had a great Spring Break!  Especially since we didn't really have any plans!  R stayed the night at his Mimi's on Sunday night and then they went to JumpZone on Monday and had complete blast as always!  He is lucky to have such a loving, selfless, and caring Mimi!  =)
We've just been doing random things we don't usually get to do during the week, without caring about the laundry or the dishes or the house being picked up or cleaned.  It's been nice, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't ready to get back into a routine--I always am.

I've enjoyed watching this guy take naps every day and sometimes indulging in a nap myself...like I said, it's been really nice.  
Somebody found a clown nose in their dress up stuff!
We worked on some stuff in his numbers stickers book...he loves that thing!

We helped Poppy back his boat into the driveway...with a little help from Sister!  

Took my sweet boy on another bowling date...he seriously love that place!  We always have fun together!
& then of course we had to have a lunch date @ chick...I mean, we were right there!  :P

We ran into a boy from Ryder's school...Bristol!  They wanted to "be silly" together!  =)
& we always trade in his kids toy for ice cream!  I was brave letting him eat it in the car!  I just couldn't handle the crowd at chick any more!
& then I drug the poor child to TJ and Target...but he lived!  :P

Today was a chill day!  He went to the dumb with my dad, helped him out in the yard, ate lunch at KeeKee's, I tried to make him take a nap, but that didn't happen!  We went & got ice cream together (even though it was practically snowing outside) and then ate dinner with KeeKee & Poppy, watched Grey's and hit the hay!

I am truly blessed, and I love this little boy more than anything in this world! I tell him every day he is the best thing that ever happened to me!  & then he tells me, "Your the best thing that ever happened to ME!"


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  1. What a great Spring Break~ ours starts April 1st and I can't wait
    My boy has one of those sticker books too. He loves it!


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