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Saturday, November 29, 2014

gift guide (techy friends)

I asked my friend Nick for some help to come up with this list for you guys, and I am so glad that I did!  Here's what he came up with and said that all your tech-y friend would LOVE to find underneath the Christmas tree this year!  

1.  Pebble Watch--With the Apple watch releasing in early 2015 at a price tag of $300.00 and higher, the watch market has been very busy.  The Pebble Watch does some of the "key" features the Apple watch does, ie:  notifications, long battery life, water resistant, fitness tracking, and readable in daylight at a fraction of the cost.  The base price starts at $99.00  

2.  Jawbone--Music is everywhere and everywhere is music.  Having the ability to have good quality sounding speakers in your office, in your bedroom, or in your bathroom while you are getting ready in the morning is everything.  Jawbone has good quality products, you pay for the quality, however the new "mini jambox" costs about the same as Beat's Pill.  I choose Jawbone of the overly eq bass of Beat's Pill.  I love Beat's head phones, but low the Jawbone Mini for a portable speaker. 

3.  Hyper Juice Mini--No matter what the IOS updates say, NOTHING helps battery life.  I have to charge my phone throughout the day.  I'm always on it, always connected, always texting, always e-mailing and always browsing through hundreds of Instagram photos.  You can find a battery powered phone charger, but the Hyper Juice Mini has 2 USB ports, so you can simultaneously charger your phone and tablet all at one.   

4.  Monoprice eGift Card--Seems like I can never have enough phone chargers, HDMI cables, USB cables to hook up a printer, etc. etc....STOP paying Best Buy/Wal Mart or any other department store mark-ups!!  Order from Monoprice!  iPhone 5 cables for $12, HDMI cables that run $39.99 at Best Buy, cost $4.41 on Monoprice.  Monoprice allows you to order 9 cables for the price of 1 at a near by department store.  For Christmas, send someone an eGift Card from Monoprice!  

Thank you so much Nick for your contribution!  Now, get to shoppin!  ;)
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Friday, November 28, 2014

a few of my favorite BF deals...

I am not a Black Friday shopper, unless I can do it behind a screen! ;)

Here are some of my favorite deals that don't require you to change out of your fleece lined leggings, put on shoes, or even drive any where!  ENJOY!!

I wasn't going to post anything on here today...but when the e mails started rolling in last night from my favorite stores, and some of the places I posted about this week, I knew I had to share with you guys!

You can never go wrong with Tervis Tumblers as gifts, and don't forget they have a lift time guarantee if anything every happens to them!  They  have more designs now than ever!  The 24 oz. cups helps me make sure I get my intake of 100 oz. on a daily basis!  (& Free Shipping on orders over $75!)  Use code GRAVY for 25% off HERE.

Katie Daisy's etsy print shop is offering 20% off with the code WITHGRATITUDE.  I love all her stuff...and often find it hard picking out my favorite print, or saying of hers!  Check her shop out HERE.
You're probably sick of me talking about Yeti...but we gotta take care of the guys in our lives too!  They released this gift pack yesterday and I just thought it was too perfect not to share.  "Convenient for you.  Perfect for them."  Find the gift pack HERE.  

And last but not least....She Reads Truth is having their own Black Friday Sale today!!  AND they released new items, including an adorable diner coffee mug that you can find HERE.  It's on-sale for $16, originally $20.  
They introduced a new concept called the "Black Envelope".  You can purchase all the plans for the 2015 year and they will deliver them to you without you even having to remember to order them in time!  Each plan will come in a black envelope with a hand written note from one of the She Reads Truth girls!  I think this is an amazing deal!  Each journal from the different plans would come out to about $10 versus the regular $16.  You can read more details and purchase HERE.  
And these beautiful Alphabet Scripture Cards!  Dying over their beauty!!  They are beautifully created, and filled with such beautiful truth!  They are on-sale for $32, originally $40 so hop on it!  You can find them HERE.  

I know there are a TON of other deals going on out there...but these were a few of them that I cared about and wanted to share with my loyal readers!  

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

4-6 year old gift guide (boys)

Finally some fun kid stuff!

I was digging real hard and asking my helper for a few more ideas to to add to this list...but this is all my helper's got!  If this is all somebody is asking Santa for for Christmas, then Santa will deliver!  ;)  He then said, "Santa always gets me stuff that I don't even ask for so..." alright then kid! :P

1.  Bruder Trash Truck--I think he saw these one day at TJ Maxx and has been talking about it ever since then!  I wish I would have known and Santa would have snuck it in the cart that day!  Trash trucks are pretty cool though I guess...I think this might also have something to do with Rocky's Recycling Truck form Paw Patrol!  I've heard all the Bruder Trucks are big hits though...so can't go wrong there with little boys!  

2. Boy's Camo Rain Boots--We always have a pair of rain boots around here that fit.  When they get too small, I know we need to get another pair before we WISH we still had a pair that fit!  They aren't just great for rainy days, but also when little boys want to play out in the mud or snow!  Or just running the trash out to the curb for your Mama! ;)  These are from Target and I think are super cute and trendy!  [Don't forget this week boots are BOGO 50% off!  

3.  Anything Paw Patrol--that is if you can find them any where!!  Just kidding...sorda!  I don't think the makers of these toys anticipated how popular they would be!  Ryder got the big Look Out Center for his birthday...and we have since picked up a few of the dogs when we can find them!  Then they started coming out with all the cars for each dog...so that's what he is asking for for Christmas and let's just say that's been a harder task for Santa than you would think!  When Toys R Us, Wal Mart & Target online are ALL sold out...then you've got a problem, AND you finally understand why the prices are so jacked up on Amazon--and you send your sweet cousin who lives in a big city and doesn't even have any kids to look for them when she goes shopping! ;)  So...boys or girls, Paw Patrol is in high demand!  They will love you forever!  =)  Can't go wrong there!   

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

twenty-something gift guide (guys)

1.  Men's UGG Ascot Leather Moccasin--Don't be fooled that UGGs are just for the ladies, because their not!  Men's feet need to stay warm too!  We got these for my dad last year (even though he isn't in his twenty somethings ;)) and he hates to admit it, but he really likes them! 

2. George W. Bush's book "41"--This is a book George W. wrote about his father which I think is so special!  I've actually bought three of these to give as gifts this season, and not just men in their twenties either!  Any good'ole American boy will enjoy this piece of History.  I'm hoping one of them will let me have my hands on it after they finish reading it!  [I found it to be the cheapest on Amazon FYI! ;)]

3.  Men's Better Sweater 1/4 Fleece Patagonia--I asked my brother if he wanted a new fleece Patagonia this year and this is what he told me he wanted instead.  I think it looks a bit "nicer" than the regular fleece jackets that they have.  I like the two different tones of grey in this one.  They have 10 different colors to chose from...I am especially digging the chocolate brown and light brown one.  What color would the men in your life look good in!?!

4.YETI Ramblers in 20 oz. or 30 oz.--This is a great gift for the men in your life who "already have everything".  These little boogers have been out of stock on their website for a while, but I just got a notification saying they were back in stock! [RUN FAST--before they are gone again!]  I racked up on them at my local ACE Hardware store to give as gifts to a few different guys and I really think they will enjoy them.  I have a few friends (guys and girls) that already have them and LOVE them!  You can even add a cute monogram to them to make them a tad girl-ier! ;)  They would be great for keeping your drink cold at a tailgate, your coffee warm on your way to work or even out in the deer/duck woods!  

All opinions are my own.  
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Monday, November 24, 2014

twenty-something gift guide (girls)

If you haven't thought about gift giving yet...now would be the time to start thinking about it!  I'm about done with my shopping and I'm happy to say it's been all online!  So nice!  I've been putting mom's Amazon Prime subscription to work! ;)

This week I thought it would be fun to share a few different gift guides and ideas with you guys!  I'll be doing "20 somethings" for both guys and girls because that's the category me and my brother both fall into, a techy gift guide (with the help from a techy friend! ;)) and a 4-6 year old boy gift guide--because let's be honest, that my expertise! ;)  I'm not much help on little girls!  =)  Maybe one day...but I'd be okay if Ninja Turtles and guns and swords were all I ever knew!  

1)  Patterned Fleece Patagonia-You can never have too many of these!  I have some solid fuzzy ones, but I am totally loving this new print to change things up a bit!  They have a tons of different prints online...including some online exclusives!  

2) Katie Daisy Wall Calendar- I've fallen in love with ALL of her work over the years and immediately fell in love with this little gem when I was it on Amazon!  I always have a wall calendar in my office just to be able to refer to and this would make the perfect one for me or anyone else!  It would even look great hanging on the fridge or in your office at work!  

3) Target Dup Rainboots-I just love the look of these boots!  They are a much cheaper version of what we are so accustomed to seeing around the Internet! ;)  They have 8 different color choices that are just beautiful!  [BONUS:  ALL boots at Target are BOGO 50% off this week only--and they have FREE SHIPPING as well!]

4) Katie Daisy Journal-Once again...her work is just too fab!  I actually have this and it is a great reminder to me in the mornings as to who and what I want to be every day when I step out of my house!

5) Ugg Ansley Shiny Leopard Mocs-I got these last year (sadly not in leopard) and won't go back to anything else!  My mom and dad even got some for Christmas and they both love them as well!  I think the leopard ones are a great addition to their Moccasin line this year!  This is a great gift for grown ups, no matter the age!  

Be sure and come back tomorrow for gift ideas for the 20 something guys in your life!

All opinions are my own.  Some items I own and have given my true opinion.  Other I do not own and simply think they would make great gifts.  
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Saturday, November 22, 2014

national hair donation day

Today is National Hair Donation Day!  I thought I would celebrate, since I've donated my hair twice now...and one of those times being here recently!  Both time I've been a random spur of the moment type thing...I was growing it out to donate, but I didn't have a date or length set.  I just knew I would be ready when I was ready--and that's how it happened!  
The first time I did it was in the summer of 2008.  This was the summer after my Freshmen year of college.  I hate to admit, but I'm pretty sure I had gotten in a fight with my boyfriend and he liked my long hair, so that's why I went and cut if off!  [BAD, I know! :P] 

At the pool with Whitters the day I got it cut!  It was a great summer do and change!!

After the pony tail dried...and I was about to mail it off!

This time...I just went in for a cut.  I wanted a few inches off, but I knew I didn't have enough to donate yet...and I didn't want to go super short, just to be able to donate.  But when I told Jennifer where I wanted it cut, she was like "Kati, you have more than enough to donate!"  So we got out the tape measure and she was right!  I guess I had no idea how long my hair really was!  

This time she used a buzzer instead of scissors...she said it gets the job done a lot quicker...because my hair is so thick, and she was right!
I had to "re-learn" how to fix and take care of short hair!  It was an adjustment for sure.  This is what I sent all my friends the day I cut it.  Haha!
This was after a few weeks...when I had finally figured out what I was doing again!  

I highly suggest donating your hair.  It's such an easy and almost effortless thing to do--and it's just hair!!  It will grow back!  I will probably keep my hair short for a while and then be back at growing it out again.  

I always use Locks of Love, but there are plenty of other places that take donations as well.  You can find their Rules and Guidelines for donations HERE.   
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

lasagna soup!

Fall is here!!!  Scratch that--more like WINTER is here!  I think we skipped right on past fall here and are hardcore into winter already.  We've actually already had our first dusting of snow, which usually doesn't happen until late December or January.  

Last week Fancy Ashley posted a picture of a yummy looking Lasagna Soup and I knew I had to try it.  It came from Paula Deen's son, Bobby.  Southern boy's soup recipe...can't go wrong with that!  

Monday afternoon we had family pictures...outside.  Let me remind/tell you that it was 32 degrees out and windy.  There was even some snow still on the ground from the night before!
Here is a sneak peak of some pics Mom took on her own of us...we took professional ones at a different location. 
We were out there for a good 30 minutes...so Blue Sail Coffee was a must on our way home!  

It was the perfect night for Poppy to build a fire and for me to whip up some Lasagna Soup--so that's exactly what we did!!
Any ways...I recommend you try it out for yourself!  You can find the recipe HERE!
Mom, dad & I were all very impressed...and it took less than an hour to make so that was a plus!  

Let me know what you think! =)
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Monday, November 17, 2014

gifts that give back.

I love giving, and buying things that I know the people I love, will love.  We are blessed to live in a world where most of us truly don't "need" anything...but again, it is just so fun to GIVE to be the people we care so much about.  So why not gift them with something that also gives back to people who truly are in need.

Noonday Collection has been all the talk the last few months.  I know a few girls from college that sell it and I admire them for sharing this wonderful pieces of jewelry with us, that we will not only love and have fun wearing, but also help woman in foreign countries earn money to live, and feed their children.  Providing them with sustainable jobs and a livelihood.  Something we all take for granted every day.  
These are my two favorite necklaces...I could seriously see myself wanting to wear the second one EVERY day!  I just love those colors, and especially them together!  I love how it is styled below.  It brings the whole outfit together!  [$84.00]

I wear gold earrings almost every days...but these little dudes caught my eye because they could go with any outfit and they are about the size I like to wear!  They are actually made from cow horn!  How beautiful!  [$28.00] 
My gold obsession also lead me to these.  I'm usually not a studs girl, but I like that these are square!  Perfect when a hoop is just a bit too much...would look great paired with a flash necklace from above.   [$42.00]

I hope you will visit NoonDay Collection's site and see what you can find for the people on your gift lists this year...and maybe a little something for yourself!  ;)

Other gifts that including giving back:

A donation to Heifer International.  Last year Ryder and I were gifted with a donation by someone.  The donation bought a certain number of chickens for a family in a foreign country.  They were able to hatch some of the eggs to give chickens to other neighboring families, as well as have eggs every day to eat and gain proper nutrition.  

TOMS is always a good way to give back.  I'm not a fan of their flat shoes, but I do have a few pairs of their wedges.  And yesterday...Target came out with TOMS for Target which includes everything from clothes, to candles and journals!  That's what I'm talking about!  =)

Happy Shopping Friends!

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

saturday thoughts

Happy Saturday friends!  We don't have much going on...& that's exactly how I like it!  I offered to take R to see the play of Alice and Wonderland at the High School today, but he said he didn't want to go!  He just wants to stay in his new Elf on a Shelf pajamas at home all.day.long!  Who can argue with that?!

I wanted to invite you to join me on Monday as She Reads Truth dives into their latest study "In Everything Give Thanks"  It will lead us all the way up to Thanksgiving and will help us be whole-heartedly thankful during this season of Thanksgiving.  I did a Thanksgiving plan with them a few years ago and loved it so much.  

Remember, there is always the option to order a journal, but it is definitely not required by any means!!  Now, they offer where you can buy JUST the journal instead of the journal AND all the prints with it for a discounted rate, which is what I went with!

And...I can't leave without telling you about the AMAZING deal above!!  TODAY ONLY--Bath and Body Works has FULL size Signature Collection lotions for $3!!  Yes...THREE DOLLARS!!  They are regularly $12.50!!!  

My dad always buys the girls at the bank a travel size lotion for Christmas...and those have gone up to $5 over the years, which is a bit redic if you ask me!  He's been doing that for YEARS and I know the girls always look forward to getting a new lotion for their desk from the "Lotion Fairy"--we thought we were going to have to start doing something else because it had just gotten to be too expensive.  But those ladies are got lucky this year!  LARGE bottles--and for a better deal!  Let's just hope they offer the same deal again next year, or they're gonna be upset!  Ha!

I ordered 26 bottles this morning before 8 AM from the comfort of my bed for less than $100!  Take advantage of this awesome deal!  [PS:  Online has a lot more choices than my store does, including some summer and fall scents, as well as old classics like Japanese Cheery Blossom, Cucumber Melon and Juniper Breeze!] 
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