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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

4-6 year old gift guide (boys)

Finally some fun kid stuff!

I was digging real hard and asking my helper for a few more ideas to to add to this list...but this is all my helper's got!  If this is all somebody is asking Santa for for Christmas, then Santa will deliver!  ;)  He then said, "Santa always gets me stuff that I don't even ask for so..." alright then kid! :P

1.  Bruder Trash Truck--I think he saw these one day at TJ Maxx and has been talking about it ever since then!  I wish I would have known and Santa would have snuck it in the cart that day!  Trash trucks are pretty cool though I guess...I think this might also have something to do with Rocky's Recycling Truck form Paw Patrol!  I've heard all the Bruder Trucks are big hits though...so can't go wrong there with little boys!  

2. Boy's Camo Rain Boots--We always have a pair of rain boots around here that fit.  When they get too small, I know we need to get another pair before we WISH we still had a pair that fit!  They aren't just great for rainy days, but also when little boys want to play out in the mud or snow!  Or just running the trash out to the curb for your Mama! ;)  These are from Target and I think are super cute and trendy!  [Don't forget this week boots are BOGO 50% off!  

3.  Anything Paw Patrol--that is if you can find them any where!!  Just kidding...sorda!  I don't think the makers of these toys anticipated how popular they would be!  Ryder got the big Look Out Center for his birthday...and we have since picked up a few of the dogs when we can find them!  Then they started coming out with all the cars for each dog...so that's what he is asking for for Christmas and let's just say that's been a harder task for Santa than you would think!  When Toys R Us, Wal Mart & Target online are ALL sold out...then you've got a problem, AND you finally understand why the prices are so jacked up on Amazon--and you send your sweet cousin who lives in a big city and doesn't even have any kids to look for them when she goes shopping! ;)  So...boys or girls, Paw Patrol is in high demand!  They will love you forever!  =)  Can't go wrong there!   

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