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Saturday, November 29, 2014

gift guide (techy friends)

I asked my friend Nick for some help to come up with this list for you guys, and I am so glad that I did!  Here's what he came up with and said that all your tech-y friend would LOVE to find underneath the Christmas tree this year!  

1.  Pebble Watch--With the Apple watch releasing in early 2015 at a price tag of $300.00 and higher, the watch market has been very busy.  The Pebble Watch does some of the "key" features the Apple watch does, ie:  notifications, long battery life, water resistant, fitness tracking, and readable in daylight at a fraction of the cost.  The base price starts at $99.00  

2.  Jawbone--Music is everywhere and everywhere is music.  Having the ability to have good quality sounding speakers in your office, in your bedroom, or in your bathroom while you are getting ready in the morning is everything.  Jawbone has good quality products, you pay for the quality, however the new "mini jambox" costs about the same as Beat's Pill.  I choose Jawbone of the overly eq bass of Beat's Pill.  I love Beat's head phones, but low the Jawbone Mini for a portable speaker. 

3.  Hyper Juice Mini--No matter what the IOS updates say, NOTHING helps battery life.  I have to charge my phone throughout the day.  I'm always on it, always connected, always texting, always e-mailing and always browsing through hundreds of Instagram photos.  You can find a battery powered phone charger, but the Hyper Juice Mini has 2 USB ports, so you can simultaneously charger your phone and tablet all at one.   

4.  Monoprice eGift Card--Seems like I can never have enough phone chargers, HDMI cables, USB cables to hook up a printer, etc. etc....STOP paying Best Buy/Wal Mart or any other department store mark-ups!!  Order from Monoprice!  iPhone 5 cables for $12, HDMI cables that run $39.99 at Best Buy, cost $4.41 on Monoprice.  Monoprice allows you to order 9 cables for the price of 1 at a near by department store.  For Christmas, send someone an eGift Card from Monoprice!  

Thank you so much Nick for your contribution!  Now, get to shoppin!  ;)
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