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Monday, November 24, 2014

twenty-something gift guide (girls)

If you haven't thought about gift giving yet...now would be the time to start thinking about it!  I'm about done with my shopping and I'm happy to say it's been all online!  So nice!  I've been putting mom's Amazon Prime subscription to work! ;)

This week I thought it would be fun to share a few different gift guides and ideas with you guys!  I'll be doing "20 somethings" for both guys and girls because that's the category me and my brother both fall into, a techy gift guide (with the help from a techy friend! ;)) and a 4-6 year old boy gift guide--because let's be honest, that my expertise! ;)  I'm not much help on little girls!  =)  Maybe one day...but I'd be okay if Ninja Turtles and guns and swords were all I ever knew!  

1)  Patterned Fleece Patagonia-You can never have too many of these!  I have some solid fuzzy ones, but I am totally loving this new print to change things up a bit!  They have a tons of different prints online...including some online exclusives!  

2) Katie Daisy Wall Calendar- I've fallen in love with ALL of her work over the years and immediately fell in love with this little gem when I was it on Amazon!  I always have a wall calendar in my office just to be able to refer to and this would make the perfect one for me or anyone else!  It would even look great hanging on the fridge or in your office at work!  

3) Target Dup Rainboots-I just love the look of these boots!  They are a much cheaper version of what we are so accustomed to seeing around the Internet! ;)  They have 8 different color choices that are just beautiful!  [BONUS:  ALL boots at Target are BOGO 50% off this week only--and they have FREE SHIPPING as well!]

4) Katie Daisy Journal-Once again...her work is just too fab!  I actually have this and it is a great reminder to me in the mornings as to who and what I want to be every day when I step out of my house!

5) Ugg Ansley Shiny Leopard Mocs-I got these last year (sadly not in leopard) and won't go back to anything else!  My mom and dad even got some for Christmas and they both love them as well!  I think the leopard ones are a great addition to their Moccasin line this year!  This is a great gift for grown ups, no matter the age!  

Be sure and come back tomorrow for gift ideas for the 20 something guys in your life!

All opinions are my own.  Some items I own and have given my true opinion.  Other I do not own and simply think they would make great gifts.  
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