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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Uncle G's Gator!

WARNING:  This is so REDNECK, & I can't even believe I'm blogging about it...but it IS kinda a big deal!  =)

If you recall, I mentioned how my found out he got a gator tag a couple months ago.  This is a really big deal because only 46 people in the STATE get a tag!--& he was one of them!!  He actually put in for the tag like at midnight the night it was due!  Ha!  Him & a group of his friends all put in for a tag & decided if one of them got one, they would all go together.  

So last weekend was THE weekend!  You could hunt Friday & Saturday night--NIGHT meaning 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes after sunrise.  Friday night the scooped them out & saw 15-16 alligators just out & about hanging out, some little & some rather large, but Garrett wanted a BIG one so he was waiting it out!  Also, they have to be at least 6 feet long for you to even strangle/catch & then kill.

They ended Friday night without anything & decided they were gonna go back Saturday night & get'um one!  Well...another guy down at the farm went dove hunting Saturday morning at a different watered area & spotted a "10 footer".  Seriously though...so he told G & they went & looked around for the gator that afternoon & they spotted him!  So, G decided they would hunt in that area that night instead because he would gather get that big one!  DUH!

So...they spotted him that night a few times but apparently it was never JUST RIGHT to catch him so they loaded up & headed back to the other place full of them...& this is what he came up with!  A 7 footer!--NOT BAD!

I am just glad that he got one...even if it wasn't the big one he wanted!  I truly believe this is a once in a life time experience & I'm glad he got to experience it!-& he may never get to again!  My dad went with him & said it was an adrenaline rush like no other...& this is from a man who has hunted elk in colorado & lived a pretty full & exciting life!

They took the gator & are getting some steaks make out of the back leges (apparently that's the only place good meat is) & they took some skin from his belly & are going to try & have some boots made out of it which I think is pretty cool!  & I don't know if they are getting the head mounted or what...but it's a pretty neat ordeal & I'm proud of my little bro!  =)

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