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Friday, September 2, 2011

will you be my MOH?

So...some exciting news happened here last week!  I went to the mailbox to get our mail & I had a little package!  & it was from my cousin Tonya who lives in Georgia!  I was like...."umm, this is odd.  She didn't even tell me she was sending me something & to watch out for it...that's not like her!  & what could it be?!"  I was seriously clueless! I opened up the kraft paper & there was wrapping paper around the box after that!  At first I thought it was my birthday present, & then I thought it might be for Ryder's birthday & I should wait for him to open it...but I kept going!  ha!
 I finally got to this...& was really freakin' out like what the heck!  Below the card was this...
 a sweet little sugar cookie in the shape of a dress!  I was slowly beginning to figure it out!  & the tears started coming...
& then I opened the card & read...& pretty much squealed with delight all by myself in the kitchen!  Haha!  I immediately called Ton & said YES!  I was so happy & so surprised & shocked!  So...she pulled a good one on me!  I am just sad I won't be there for all her showers, help picking out stuff & making decisions as I would be if we lived in the same state!  :(  But I am so excited, & cannot WAIT till May 19th of 2012!  =)

Thank you Luke & Ton--I LOVE Y'ALL!


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