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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ryder's 2nd Birthday Party-decor

I am going to do Ryder's party in 2 parts...decor & then friends, just like last year here & here.

I finally decided on a baseball theme for Punkin's 2nd birthday a few months ago when I ran across some cute decorations at TJ Maxx.  He currently loves baseball & I knew I wanted to go with a red, white & blue them & make it like a ballpark & have hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, cracker jacks & bubble gum!  =)  Pinterest also helped me decide on a theme!
Jake has a great big backyard & it worked out PERFECTLY for the party.  There's open space but also a big shade tree.  The weather was so perfect & it wasn't too hot so it was actually really enjoyable!
  I made the "CONCESSIONS"s sign with my silhouette machine & it turned out just how I envisioned it!  It was a bit windy & I started to freak out about all the decorations, but it all worked out!
I got the cardboard popcorn holders at TJ Maxx & can be be found here.
 What's a baseball game without cracker jacks!?
Mimi found the "2" for us at a flea market & I just painted it red!
 These were little goodie bags for the kids.  Big League Chew gum & Cracker Jacks in an old school locker basket my mom gave me.
 All the frames are from his birthday party last year that I collected from Goodwill, that I just spray painted different colors!  =)

 We placed his presents in a lil red wagon that Mimi let us borrow.
 We found these cute little baseball sports drinks at Wal-Mart & in the perfect colors!  Mimi also had this little wagon we put them in.  The wagon quickly became Ryder's favorite toy & he pulled it around ALL night!

 The bounce house was a HUGE success!  It was a jump house & a slide!  Ryder loved it!  I didn't get to watch him play too much because I was busy taking care of everything else, but he LOVED it & would slide down on his belly!  Ha!  You can rent this one & many more here.
 I just ordered cupcakes & a smash cake for him because I didn't want to have to deal with making them!  ;)  My mom NEVER bought me a store bought cake & then one year she did & I was really upset & said, "You bought me a store bought cake?"  Lol...kinda bratty yes, but it was just special that she always made ours!  Maybe one day I'll make Ryder's!  Ha!

 His little baseball smash--chocolate on the inside of course!

 All the fixins for the burgers & hot dog...there was chili in the crock pot for chili dogs!


That about wraps up the decor!  It was pretty simply & not too much work, & my colors & theme was easy to work with!  I was very happy with how everything turned out!

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions!



  1. TOO cute! I will totally be stealing this idea if I have a boy one day!

  2. It looks great!!
    Tucker loved his wagon too!
    Happy Birthday to Ryder!!!


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