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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Food & Decorations..

I've been searching the web & planning decorations & recipes for his party for months!  I was constantly saving pictures into a folder on my desk top of things I wanted to recreate or do spin offs of!

I was very pleased with how everything turned out, even though I was totally stressed out about the whole deal..that's just me..I can't help it!  :P  I feel like I totally neglected my child & my studies the past for weeks trying to pull all this off!  :P

In the office we had a "sweets" table.  It included, a cupcake tower, cupcake pops, a tree with pictures from different months of Punkin's life, & a few foods that didn't fit on the other table!

I made the cupcake tower out of old boxes, kraft paper and some ribbon!  I added Punkin's initials to the three boxes.  I made the cupcakes (with coconut oil instead of vegetable) as well as the cupcake toppers!

Cupcake pops just like in this post.  You can visit Bakerella's website here for step-by-step instructions! They are so fun, and there are endless possibilities.  She actually just came out with a book!

The table in the entry.  I wanted to have a memory of all of Punkin's guests, and what better way than a matted picture I can put in a frame in his room for years to come!?

Also in the entry were cookies for guests to grab on their way out since it was a "drop-in"!  

What was on the menu?

You can find the recipe here!

We served old school glass bottles of Orange Crush to go along with the theme!  Each silverware packet had a straw in it, so it was perfect & they were a HUGE hit!!
We also had KeeKee's famous sweet tea!  What party in the south is complete without sweet tea!?

The table in the kitchen!  It had all the "real food" on it!  As well as another tree, some picture frames and mason jars tied with some rafia, with votive candles inside of them surrounded by coffee beans!

This was actually my hair chair when I was little!  KeeKee found it up in the attic (she had forgotten about it!) just in time for the party!  It was perfect!

My grandma made the bib and the cake made it all the way down here from Rick's! thanks to Auntie Dell!

"Ryder is 1!" banner was made by mwah!
As well as this one...it hung on the fireplace in the living room.

Tissue pom-poms to add some color to the living room!  You can find the tutorial here.
And...last but not least!  Some hand-towels that matched the rest of the party!

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  1. Everything was more perfect than the pictures show! I thought it all went just GREAT! You can throw a great party! We all had a blast!


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