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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Punkin's New Swing Set!!

KeeKee & Pops got Punkin' a lil swing set for his first birthday!  Once again...I didn't get one till I was TWO, but I guess times change!  :P

Dad came over & put it together Saturday morning before the big game.  Sadly enough, I honestly thought he would pull out all the pieces & then just hire someone to do it.  That's what he does with just about...EVERYTHING.  So...he proved me wrong & put the WHOLE thing together himself!  VERY impressive!  :P
Punkin' LOVED the finished product!  He couldn't get enough of the swinging in!
"Why are ya'll just standing there...PUSH ME!"
He REALLY likes the slide!  He'll slide down it himself, but he's a BIT hesitant that you'll leave him!  :P   After he gets to the end, he turns around & wants to slide UP the slide!  Ha!

Thank you KeeKee & Pops for my new swing set!!

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