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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

...my sweet love.

Punkin is into so many new things!  It's amazing how fast they change and all the new things they catch on to SO fast!  The weather cooled off for a bit & then it got super hot again!  I let him play outside when I can, but I end up just chasing him the whole time & that wears me OUT!

He got this ball for his birthday from Jake, & he loves it!  It's so heavy & he just lugs it around!  I like to think it's making him strong!  :P
We are running out of things for wear for summer...nothing fits any more, except for a few things, so I just have to keep everything CLEAN!  I don't see any sense in going out and buying new summer stuff, when it's hopefully about to be fall weather time anyways!

Doesn't he look like a little boy now, & not a "baby"?  :/  This mommy is sad & happy at the same time.
I can't seem to get a good picture of him any more anyways...he is always.on.the.move!!!  I love it though!  He has even started to run!  It's too cute!  & I love to hear his bare feet on the hardwood slappin' around!
When I picked him up from the nursery on Sunday, they told me that he was kissing everyone on the head!  Grabbing them, and kissing them!  When I thought about it, he had JUST started doing that to me that morning!!  He has finally put it all together from the kisses that people give him, & started to kiss other people!

He kissed Amy yesterday totally out of the blue, but then got embarrassed when we asked him to do it again!  He stayed with my parents for an hour or so last night while I had class, & mom said he would bend down & kiss Trixi (their dog) but never her!  After I got there to get him, Pops was carrying him to the other room & Ryder grabbed his face & kissed him on the check!  KeeKee was SOO not happy with that!  :P
Here we are with our CRAZY cousins!  Aidan & Sterling!  Ryder is telling you he is one!  I've been trying to teach it to him for a few weeks now, & now when I say stuff like "One more bite" or "One at a time" he'll put the number one up!  SO smart!  :P
He got SOO many great new toys at his party that I am still sorting through, & opening and trying to put away!  I can't wait to see him learn, & grow & develop even more with all these new gadgets!
He has started to imitate alot of things people do.  I was hammering something earlier, & he picked up his hammer & started hitting the floor!  Jake threw him some socks the other day just playing & Ryder picked them up & threw them back at him!  It's the little things that make watching this lil man grow so joyful & entertaining!  We love him so much!

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  1. He DOES look like a little boy instead of a baby! So handsome!


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