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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Night Moon.

I am so blessed to have such a GREAT roommate who loves my child, doesn't mind LIVING with a child, AND someone that my child loves OH.SO.MUCH!  Sometimes he even chooses her over me.  I guess cause he's with me all.the.time & she's someone different!  :P  (or at least that's what I tell myself!)

He LOVES her room...AND everything in it!  He likes to take her head bands, &...get this...put them on his head!  HA!  I'm telling you...he's a smart one!  :P  When she has her door shut to her room, & he knows she's in there, he will knock/bang on her door until she opens it! HA!  We laugh SO hard every time he does this!
The other day Mary Beth (the babysitter) picked me & Amy up from school to take us to lunch & Punkin was in the car with her.  He SCREAMED.LIKE.A.LITTLE.GIRL when we both got in the car!  He did not know what to think!  He was just SOO excited, & kept screaming & screaming!  We LOVED it!
I love that Punkin' loves Amy so much.  She couldn't believe he actually laid there with her & chilled the other night while she read him a book!  He will do that every once & a while, but not very often!  :P

I think living with us is definitely preparing Amy for mommy hood!  She tells him she loves him all the time, & I just say, "Wait till you have your own!"  In a nice way...not mean.  She just THINKS she loves Punkin' as much as she can, but one day she will love her own EVEN more!

Thanks for being a great roomie & friend to me & my Punkin!

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