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Monday, September 6, 2010


Even though I didn't graduate from OBU, a HUGE piece of my heart still belongs there!  I would love to still be there with my friends, and graduating in May, but different things come about in life that throw you curveballs...but I absolutely wouldn't have it any other way!  

My short time there, I made many, many, MANY memories that I'll never forget!  OBU is definitely a UNIQUE place that no one can quite describe unless you experience it for yourself.  I loved the small campus atmosphere were it seemed everybody knew everybody & you never felt like a number, you were actually somebody.  The small classes are also something I took for granted, your also at a Baptist University where you aren't exposed to certain things you would be exposed to at state schools.  As much as it's hard to admit...I liked being a "Private School" girl even though it has it's stereotypes!  :P

Here are just a few memories from my time at OBU...

Battle of the Ravine--playing Henderson (rivalry school across the street) was always the most exciting game of the year!!  Fun Fact:  Last time I heard (it might be different now) each school had won an equal amount of times in the many years that they've played!  How neat!?
Social Clubs-these are Sororities/Fraternities that are exclusive to Ouachita so OBU makes them what they are!  I was happy to pledge EEE in 2008.  My mom was an EEE and I couldn't have made an any better decision to be apart of the same social club as her!
EEE-Haw-a show/carnival the EEE pledges have to put on every year!

MIXERS!-This was my first crawfish bowl EVER!  It was a mixer with the Rho Sigs!  With my roommate Allie...

A day trip to Illinois for the D2 College World Series!  GO TIGERS!

T.W.I.R.P. Week-(which happens to be this week!) (The Woman Is Required To Pay)-Each women's social club & a few other groups on campus put on a "function" each night of the week including 50's night, 80's night, barn bash, & movie night.  Allie at 50's night!
T.W.I.R.P-Barn Bash!  Another TWIRP event!  It was always so fun to get dressed up for the different themes each night!  These were some girls from my hall in Francis Crawford Freshmen year!

Competitive Cheerleading-I was not a "normal" cheerleader at OBU, but I was a "competitive cheerleader" which means I only competed on the blue mat for a "routine".  It's what you see on ESPN every once and a while.  This was in Disney World at the UCA National Cheerleading Competition.  We placed 8th in the nation in D2!  Not bad for a lil Baptist school in Arkansas!  :P

Tiger Tunes-I saved the best for last!  O.M.G!  I can't express the LOVE I have for TT!  I grew up going to Tunes and there are not words to describe all the AH.MAH.ZING.NESS of this production!  The many MANY hours a week that are put into making your club's show perfect are worth every second!  We were Car Hops and the show was SO fun to put on, and it was neat to get to see all the other club's hard work as well!  The Tri Chi's were Sailors & the Rho Sig's were Fireman!  I LOVE TUNES!

Ouachita will always be apart of my life, and I plan on visiting whenever I can!  It has changed so much since I've even been down there!  It is a beautiful campus that couldn't be an any better place to call "HOME".  I still have many dear friends down there that keep me updated on what's going on down there!  It would be a true blessing if my lil man chose to go down there one day!--But that's up to him!  :P


  1. I've been visiting everyone's OBU stories! Loved the TWIRP week pictures! That was always so much fun!

  2. OBU does competitive cheer now? Times, they have a-changed since I was there.


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