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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Friday morning, we got up early...FOR US, and headed out to the Rhea Lana's half price sale!  I'm never one to fight crowds...so I don't shop at the regular sale (or even the consignor sale)  I thought everything would be picked over, but it wasn't!  I found some GREAT name brand stuff for HALF PRICE!!  I got there right before the crowd and was SO glad!

Friday night we went with KeeKee to LR to pick up Aunt Kathy from the airport, but not without grabbing Schlotsky's first!  We wanted Pei Wei, but didn't have enough time!  Punkin' is so good in the car & at restaurants...(for the most part)!  We have so much fun!
Saturday we didn't have any plans...and I got so much accomplished!  It made my Saturday feel so productive!  I did some damage at Hobby Lobby on stuff for Punkin's party!!  Then I got my craft on for a few hours!  I cooked dinner for some friends and we just hung out until it was bed time!
It was a little cool yesterday so I busted out the jeans!  I love how cute he looks in them!  He really is a "little man" & I love it that way!  :P
This is the ever famous face/move Punkin' makes when he's excited/happy/embarrassed/bashful/shy...it's just TOO funny!  He REALLY puts on a show when I get the camera out!
We got up and went to Sunday School & Worship today, so Punkin' was in the nursery longer than he is used to.  I went in there to get him, and they told me he was a "wild one!"  I was like, what did he do?  They just said he is ALL over the place, and doesn't care who or what's in his way, that he will just trample on through!  OH MY!  That is how he is though...and I've been waiting for them to tell me stories!

Punkin' took a nap after church, and his Daddy came to see him, then he got called out to work.   We hit up some stores and then went & had dinner with Uncle G!  We had Panera!  It's my NEW favorite place!  I love it being in the Hendrix Village...it's so..."towny"!  This pictures just shows you that Punkin' is already looking up to Uncle G soo sooo much, and is going to want to do EVERYTHING he does!
The weather outside is UN.BELIEVABLE!  So I let Punkin' play out in the back yard for a bit...until I got tired of telling him "no Ryder", and "come back over here"..."don't put that in your mouth" etc.  He threw a fit when I made him come inside.  I see that happening a lot in the future.
He totally stunk.like.a.goat...so we had a quick bath!
The only picture he was looking at me!  HA!  He is such a mess, but i LOVE him so much, and can't believe my baby will be ONE in just a few days!  MY how times flies when your having fun!

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  1. I will take no offense to the goat comment! HeeHee! Love you Naynee


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