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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

product love {march}

Today you're in for a treat!  I asked one of my fellow bloggers and {fore most} friend, to share some of her product love with you for the month of March!  This girl is sassy, knows what she wants and goes after it--and I LOVE that about her!  I'm constantly asking her for eating, exercising and fashion advice!  She is a sports marketing goo-roo and she is constantly teaching me new things in that department as well!  Be sure and check her out over at Charmed Bliss for all sorts of things!   
Sticking with the same things constantly can get boring and bland.  So I want to introduce you to 5 things that I have loved trying this past month and hope you want to try them too!  

Let's get to talking!  

1. Kenny Murphy Young Again Masque - amazing!  If you have split ends out there or damaged hair, especially if you are in public a lot, taking pictures, and I see it often in the vlog's people do - this product is for you!  You use it once a week (twice if needed - I do it twice), and you just use it in the shower just like hair shampoo.  I learned something about hair though, it is just like your face.  So you know how when you get a facial, they heat up your pores so they will open up and then you put cold on it to close them up?  Well your hair does the same thing.  So you always want to put hot water on your hair to wash it and then when you a rinsing your conditioner, use lukewarm to cooler water to rinse it out so your pores will capture the nutrients in the conditioner.  Interesting? I thought so.  So when you put this on your hair, leave it in 5-10 minutes and rinse with cooler water and when you dry your hair, you will feel solo much happier with it!  

**if your hair is super damaged like mine, leave it in, get out of the shower and watch a tv show and rinse in the sink.  Your hair will never be the same :)

2. Rubbermaid divided containers - I am the loser that has been using separate food containers and has just become apart of the twenty-first century.  If you don't use these - stop what you are doing and use them!  They are great for prepping meals.  And don't forget:

Use them to help you eat better!  

3. Burt's Bees - I know I am a little behind on this too… however, it is my pet peeve when girls don't have a little color to their face, etc… so keep a couple of these with you and put it on before you walk into the store, and into a meeting!  They smell great, make your lips colorful and moist, and best of all they are compact enough to fit anywhere you want them too, a pocket, your bra, a purse or a clutch.  Seriously, go stock up (My favorite colors are Rhubarb and Champagne-for the natural look)!

4. Zuke's Z-Bones - I have an obsession with these, and I'm not even the one who eats them.  I grab mine from Whole Foods and they are little more expensive then the average bone, especially since they are gone in one sitting.  However, they are great for your dog's health and they have the perfect nutrients and pliability to strengthen the teeth of your dog.  Baylor (my pup) loves the green ones which are Clean Apple Crisp!  They are individually wrapped so you can take them with you wherever you go and pull it out when needed!  A little pricey, but dog's everywhere love them!

5.  Lastly, the Bubba - this was an impulse buy at Target.  Don't you hate that!  I feel like everything at Target is an impulse buy.  This tumbler comes with a silicone straw and is huge!  I love this because it holds a ton of water and is insulate and will keep it nice a cold.  I drink so much and so fast that I hate when I fill a smaller tumbler up, and it's empty by the time I get back to my desk.  This one is nice because it has a sturdy handle and will last me a little bit!  Nothing better then hydration!  Pick one up next time you are at the god-forsake Target!  You won't regret it!
Hope you enjoyed my fun finds!  

I grew up in Arkansas and now work in sports in South Carolina and blogs about everything from chick flicks to football games. I would say that I am a fun, spirited, vivacious woman who is constantly chasing my dreams and pushing the limits on life.  I try to always keep you up to date on what you need to know about sports and still being girly about it! Pop over to my blog at CharmedBliss.Blogspot.com and learn a little about sports and laugh at my funny stories about life - because I have some funny ones!  


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