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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

movin' on up

I’m usually a Rhea Lana shopper when it comes to R’s clothes.  Even though I consigned with them this Spring, I never made it out there to shop.  It’s not really worth it to me to going during the week if you don’t make it out there on the first day.  

So...every time I go to Target or TJ I browse the racks of little boy clothes to see what I can find.  I do care about what he wears every day, but at the same time a) he’s a boy b) he goes to school every day and c) clothes are just that...CLOTHES!

I would say that kids’ clothes are semi-expensive but I’ve just gotten used to it over the years.  Yeah it stinks they can only wear it for a season...but that’s just how it rolls!  But I can’t complain because TJ usually never disappoints and a lot of times I’m there, I find great stuff for R(Nike, Under Armour etc.) that’s cheaper than the same things (minus the name brands) at Target.

I knew Target had cute little boy play clothes...which are perfect for R since he is going to school everyday, but if you don’t get them when they first come out then you’re probably not going to get any.  I decided to look around one day when we were running through Targ for something else.  He is still 4 years old, yet 5T stuff is no longer fitting...especially being too short in the torso.  So I knew when buying for this Spring/Summer I needed to go an even BIGGER size.  Well...little boy sizes stop at 5T.  How is this possible?!

{Insert sad Mama tears here.}

So I had to walk across the aisle at Target into the BIG BOY section!  Sizes from ⅚, all the way up to size 18!  I was in utter shock that I was having to shop over there!  I was NOT prepared for it...like, AT ALL!  Granted, he still needs everything in what is now an XS but still--this Mama was strugglin’!!  I’m glad my mom was there to help talk me through it!

Also...I was once again slammed when I looked at the price tag.  I’m used to paying $8-12 for a good pair of shorts...and these were all at least $14.99.  Which if you think about a bigger boy’s pair of shorts, that doesn’t sound too bad--but R’s still semi-little size, sounds like a lot in comparison!

Anyways...I’ll pay what I have to pay to get him the clothes I want him to have, but it was still a shocker.  I am already dreading the teenage days when he actually cares about the brand and looks of his clothes, rather than me just picked out what I want him to wear.  I’m sure he’ll also be growing out of those every six months or so...I guess I better start saving my pennies now!

So new Mamas--you’ve been pre-warned! ;)  Yes it’s fun and cute, especially at the beginning but sometimes it can’t be a bit exhausting!  Unless you have a paycheck just for kids clothes--now THAT would be nice!

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