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Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

  • We had a good weekend!  Friday night we watched the last WS game & I let Punkin' stay up way too late!  Morgan & MacKenzie came over & hung out with us & we had a lot of fun!  I was sad to see the Rangers lose two years in a row (it just breaks my heart FOR them) but also cool to watch the Cardinals win their 11th WS Championship in 2011!  & that David Freese can call me if he ever gets bored!  ;)
  • Saturday me & sweet boy got up & went & got Shipley donuts & headed out the park!  I always said I would never be that mom that took their child out in public in jeans tucked into their cowboy boots & a bright hunter orange Cabela's hoodie RIIIIIGHT?  Yeah...well I am now that mom & I really don't even care!  Because it's what makes my lil man happy & it was just Shipley donuts & the park!  ;)

Chowin' on some donut holes while sayin' "cheese!"

I made him stand there & be still so I could take a pic of his outfit to sent to Pop Pops who we were texting while he was sittin' in the deer stand!

  • I do some random chores around the house Saturday afternoon & then took Ryder out to his Mimi's for the night! He loves going out there so much & it makes it so easy to let him go out there & give me a lil break!
  • Saturday night was the UCA Homecoming game & one of my favorites was on Court for the second year in a ROW!  Abbey was Maid of Honor last year & we were just so proud of her to make Court again this year!  Kelly & I bundled up for the first time this season & headed out to watch her at half time!  We actually got to see her as she was walking into the field to get announced!  

Abbey with her dad!

We ran into Kyle & Brooks outside the gate & had Kyle take this picture of us! 
  • After the game I went & grabbed drinks with Morgan & one of her clients from work at Old Chicago & seriously came home by 10:30 & was in bed by 11 & it felt SO good!  
  • A few randoms about R I want to remember.  A few weeks ago we went into the autitorium after church when everyone was gone & he said "Ryder play the drums".  He was saying this because of the drum set on stage.  Then he kept saying "high hat, high hat hight hat" over & over...he speaks very clear so I knew what he was saying, I just didn't know what he meant or what he was talking about & I felt terrible about it!  A few of the musicians were leaving & stopped to talk to us & he kept repeating it, "high hat, high hat" & one asked if he was saying "high hat" & I was like yes, but I just really don't know what he's talking about or where he got those random words.  The musician then told me that it was one of the parts of the drums.  I about DIED!  & sure enough, on Yo Gabba Gabba, they teach all the different parts of a drum set & he had just remembered it & pointed it out when he saw the big set at church!  He seriously amazes me EVERY day!
  • He started singing Itsy Bitsy spider tonight.  I've never said that with him before--we kept saying it together over & over.  I was reading a nursery rhyme book to him tonight & it happened to be the very last one in the book, so I started doing the motions & he knew how to do them as well!  I was like WHAATT?  Well, come to find out KeeKee has been teaching it to him & I didn't know about it!  :P
  • I just seriously love this age so much.  He is learning 5-10 new words a day.  No joke.  & it amazes me that he actually understands what words means & uses them later appropriately.  Just like that he knew scissors are "dangerous" as well as fire & knifes.  I say things to him ONE time & he will remember it for good.  & I love that HE is teaching ME things!!--what a high hat is for example!
  • I can't even believe that tomorrow is November!  Where has time gone?  We were just waiting for Memorial Day for the pool to open in May, & I was just planning his birthday party at the beginning of September!  Thanksgiving is right around the corner & Christmas Break will here before we know it!  WAHOO!  & I'll be one semester closer to GRAD-U-ATING!!!
  • Me & Ryder are getting our picture professionally made for the first time on Friday & I'm really excited!  I have a chocolate brown fur vest I want to wear, but what would y'all suggest I wear under it? (cough cough Amy Lynn! ;))  I have some sweaters I might wear instead, but it kinda stresses me out thinking about picking out the "perfect" outfits for us to wear!  :/
  • My computer is once again out of space for pictures...so I'll be blogging phone pics for a while, or running to my moms to blog when I can!  But hopefully I'll get Trick or Treating pics up tomorrow!  We had a complete blast tonight, but this Mama is seriously WORN OUT!  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ryder's Halloween Treats

Today was Ryder's first Fall Festival at school!  Mom's weren't encouraged to come because they say that actually makes things MORE difficult, so I'm not exactly sure what they did, but I know they had a bounce house which Ryder LOVES & he said he had a good time & came home with LOTS of candy!  They didn't dress up this year because apparently it was a problem last year with diaper changes, & kids messing up their costumes before Halloween!  But that's okay!

I got an e mail from Less Ordinary Designs earlier this week with these Free Halloween Candy Topper Printables & knew I wanted to use them to make Ryder's class lil goodies bags!  Nothing special, but just something fun!

I e mailed them over to my favorite printer in town, that always take such good care of me & they don't close till 10 pm...so I could get them last night before his party today!

A few 1 dollars bags of candy corn from Kroger, left over treat bags from his birthday party & we were good to go!

I was happy with how they turned out & I couldn't resist the CHEVRON!  =)

I grabbed his teacher's a Southern Living magazine & wrote a little note on the inside just to thank them for taking such good care of my little man & helping him grown & learn!  =)

Hope on over to Less Ordinary Designs & download your free printable today, even if you aren't going to use it until next year!  She is offering these FREE for a limited time, & then they will only be available for purchase in her Etsy shop!  There is also a cute ones that say "Trick or Treat!"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

beginning of the week

Our week has started off great!  Ryder went to his dad's on Sunday & then stayed with his Mimi Sunday night!  He always has such a good time with both of them, & is completely WORN out by the time I get him back!  I think Mimi lets him do WHATEVER he wants & he just go go goes!!  ;)  He loves playing outside at their house & visiting the cows, his horses, fishing, riding four wheelers & just playing in the dirt!

I got Punkin' back Monday after class & I was so happy to see him!  We went & saw KeeKee & Pops since dad had just gotten home the night before from being in South Dakota pheasant hunting & hadn't seen Ryder since Tuesday!

He is 100% into his cowboy boots & hat right now.  They have to go together!  :P  I think Santa might bring him a nice pair of boots for Christmas, but we'll see!

We went for a walk on Saturday night with Mary Beth around the neighborhoods around here & where the blow up cat used to be, there was now a ghost!  I had a picture of it, but it didn't upload!  Ryder kept calling the ghost a "goost" & it was seriously CRACKING us up!  When we walked by the first time the Razorback was up, but then when we walked by it again it looked like this, so I told Ryder the Razorback died.  He is still talking about that the "razorback that died" today!  Ha!

Sunday morning my child decided to put on my boots & prance around in them!  :P He just loves boots in general!  We got up & went to the early service & it was really nice, we might have to start doing that all the time!

Pop Pops brought him lil man his very own hunter orange Cabela's hoodie!  & I'm sure he will be wearing it in the woods next year!  ;)  He loves to put on KeeKee's glasses, & steal all her "moneys" for his piggy bank!

I saw this morning on Twitter that Selena Gomez & Justin Beiber (#love) adopted a puppy together & named him Baylor!  We have a golden named Baylor (named her that when I was thinking about going there, 5 plus years ago) & my friend Abby just got a new puppy & named him Baylor!  I thought that was kinda fun...it really is just a cute name though!

Hope y'all are having a good week!  Only three weeks till Thanksgiving & I think I only have two tests & one paper!  I think I can, I think I can!  =)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Erin Condren deal on Plum District

I'm sure you've heard all the hype about the Erin Condren Life Planners a month or so ago.  I'm a huge paper planner & carry my with me where ever I go, but I wasn't going to pay THAT much for a Planner!  The planners are so cute & fun!  You can get a picture put on the front, or personalized to say what you want to say all over the front just to fit YOU!

I also like that their is a "morning, day & night" section for each day, not just a whole DAY where you're supposed to cram everything in!

The colors are just fab & fun & there are even super cute little tabs to help you find the month you are trying to get to!

...so today, my problem was solved!  Plum District where you can purchase $50 worth of Erin Condren products for only $25!  I snagged two of these up for me & mom so we could get Life Planners!

Erin also offers personalized iPhone cases (that you can't used the voucher for unfortunately), personalized stickers & mom calling cards, personalized notepads, sticker labels & wonderful holiday cards!  All of their stuff is cute, I just wish I could have it all!

But how could you pass up this offer?  The vouchers will sell out quick so get yours NOW by following my friend referral link!

Thanks for stopping by & HAPPY SHOPPING!!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Green Cart Deli @ Simon Park

Tonight we went to Simon Park & enjoyed some a yummy hot dog from Green Cart Deli with Nick!  It was such a nice night out & Ryder had never gotten to run around down there before, so it was a lot of fun!  
The Green Cart Deli is such a neat experience!  He parks his cart a differently places around town for lunch & dinner, & I follow him on Twitter to know where he is going to be!  Last time I just made my own hot dog but this time I tried "The Beast" which was pickles, mustard, mayonnaise (which I had him hold), slaw (which I don't even like), tomatoes & bacon (which is asked for only a little).  Ha!  So...I'm not high maintanace AT ALL, but at least I tried something new!  :P  ;)  I was a success though...so GO TRY IT!
The Green Cart Deli is also ran by solar power (hence the name!) which is kind of neat!  The owner  is nice & kind & at least acts like he remembers us each time we visit!  =)
Ryder loved the fountain, but at first called it a pond!  Haha!
Wild child just ran around the whole time--I wasn't worried about him falling in & drowning in the 1 foot of water, I was just worried about him getting wet & being cold!
He even explored around the caboose!  I remember taking pictures with my brother as a little girl on this caboose!  It is pretty cool when your a kid!  :)

We had a fun time & enjoyed our visit with Mr. Nick--Ryder loves him every time we see him!  It was nice to have a little break from the cold weather tonight!


I bought my baby boy some paints today...

Fridays are me & Ryder's one day all week to be together all day & do whatever we want!  I needed a few random things from Target, so we ran across town to get those things & I decided I wanted to buy Ryder some paint so he could paint some people we love pictures!  =)
We got home & I striped him down & he got after it!  He knew what he was doing, because he has done it before at school, but it was neat to get to watch him do it & enjoy it so much!
That is some serious concentration right there!

He had a great time, & I am so thankful & blessed for days like today where I get to make memories with my sweet boy doing fun, memorable things with him!


Chili & Pumpkin Carvin' Party!

Last minute this week I decided I wanted to have a pumpkin carving party & serve some good ole' southern chili!  Since we were on Fall Break, Thursday night worked out great for everybody even last minute!  I have never made such a big batch of chili!  Ha!  & not a lick was left...& I ran out of bowls & spoons!  Ha!  
I was so glad to have all {most} of my in town friends could make it even if they just stopped by for a few minutes!
Everybody ate some chili & then we started in on our pumpkins!

At least I got one smile out of my sweet boy...
& of course my friends always spoil my child even at MY house!  Ha!  All he has to do it ask & he will receive!  :P

Ryder even did a little pumpkin carving himself!  He even made a new friend, Greg that was a huge help!

Ryder loves all my guy friends & gets SO excited when they come over!

We had a great time & watched game two of the WS while we were carving, where the Rangers pulled out a win!  It was a very successful night with some friends & fall festivities!