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Friday, October 14, 2011

Monday (turned Friday) randoms...

So...this post was started on Monday & yeah, I'm just now getting around to finishing it.  I don't even remember opening my computer this week really.  What have I done all week?  I don't really know.  I know I didn't watch any of my TV shows...I guess I just spent time studying, & all taking care of all my mommy/housey duties & going to class!  Only three more days of class till Fall Break-WAHOO!  =)

Nothing significant...just a few randoms from last week & weekend!

{i love this sweet pic...he is SO long!!}

{While shopping for something purple to wear to OBU homecoming, I ran across this shirt at TJ Maxx & it REALLY is perfect for the gold & purple OBU Tigers...lol.  I text Kelly a picture as a TOTAL joke & she responded with "Oh, cute...very different, but cute!"  I literally LOLed while standing in the store!  Needless to say...I didn't buy the shirt for homecoming!  :P}

{I loved this little wood sign for Christmas--I am bound to not buy ANY new Christmas decor this year because I already have more stuff than my house has room for, I don't have any more room to store my stuff the other 11 months out of the year & I just don't need any more decor!  I'd rather spend money on my family & friends!  BUT...I might try & make this with my silhouette!}

{FIIINNALLLY got Ryder's THIRD backpack & matching lunch box in the mail this week!  We had a PB one & matching lunch box, it broke.  Sent it back ordered a new color of matching backpack & lunch box.  Got the backpack in the mail & was waiting on the lunchbox when 2 weeks later I get an e mail saying the lunch box is out of stock & no more will be made.  So I was stuck with a backpack that I couldn't get a matching lunch box for!  AHH!  So I turned to Land's End instead & am COMPLETELY happy with their products so far!  Also...everything was 60% off because it's practically the middle of the school year!  :P  Phew...glad I got that out there!}

{A new yogurt place opened up here last week & they were having a completely free night, so I took my sweet boy last Thursday before we went to AntiochNOW & they had this miniature couch perfect for lil man!  He was having TOO much fun!}

{We ran by Allison' house on Sunday evening to see her beautiful new car that Ryder just hopped right in & acted like he owned the place...& to give her her Scentsy! }

{Ryder also took a ride on her dad's old metal tractor!  He was just his size!}

{Here's a pic I stole off of FB of the girls from PC '08 that were at the Homecoming Tea!  So good to see all of them & be reunited}

{I pinned these the other day & am going to HAVE to make them for Tonya & Allie's wedding or bachey parties!  How fun!?}

{I'm not ashamed to admit that I can't wait for his Christmas album to come out!  YAAAAY!!  Oh man, he just gets finer the older he gets!}

{& here's a sweet one of my lil man being sweet one morning before school!}

I hope y'all have had a good week & HAPPY FRIDAY!  =)

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