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Friday, October 21, 2011

Green Cart Deli @ Simon Park

Tonight we went to Simon Park & enjoyed some a yummy hot dog from Green Cart Deli with Nick!  It was such a nice night out & Ryder had never gotten to run around down there before, so it was a lot of fun!  
The Green Cart Deli is such a neat experience!  He parks his cart a differently places around town for lunch & dinner, & I follow him on Twitter to know where he is going to be!  Last time I just made my own hot dog but this time I tried "The Beast" which was pickles, mustard, mayonnaise (which I had him hold), slaw (which I don't even like), tomatoes & bacon (which is asked for only a little).  Ha!  So...I'm not high maintanace AT ALL, but at least I tried something new!  :P  ;)  I was a success though...so GO TRY IT!
The Green Cart Deli is also ran by solar power (hence the name!) which is kind of neat!  The owner  is nice & kind & at least acts like he remembers us each time we visit!  =)
Ryder loved the fountain, but at first called it a pond!  Haha!
Wild child just ran around the whole time--I wasn't worried about him falling in & drowning in the 1 foot of water, I was just worried about him getting wet & being cold!
He even explored around the caboose!  I remember taking pictures with my brother as a little girl on this caboose!  It is pretty cool when your a kid!  :)

We had a fun time & enjoyed our visit with Mr. Nick--Ryder loves him every time we see him!  It was nice to have a little break from the cold weather tonight!


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