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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

beginning of the week

Our week has started off great!  Ryder went to his dad's on Sunday & then stayed with his Mimi Sunday night!  He always has such a good time with both of them, & is completely WORN out by the time I get him back!  I think Mimi lets him do WHATEVER he wants & he just go go goes!!  ;)  He loves playing outside at their house & visiting the cows, his horses, fishing, riding four wheelers & just playing in the dirt!

I got Punkin' back Monday after class & I was so happy to see him!  We went & saw KeeKee & Pops since dad had just gotten home the night before from being in South Dakota pheasant hunting & hadn't seen Ryder since Tuesday!

He is 100% into his cowboy boots & hat right now.  They have to go together!  :P  I think Santa might bring him a nice pair of boots for Christmas, but we'll see!

We went for a walk on Saturday night with Mary Beth around the neighborhoods around here & where the blow up cat used to be, there was now a ghost!  I had a picture of it, but it didn't upload!  Ryder kept calling the ghost a "goost" & it was seriously CRACKING us up!  When we walked by the first time the Razorback was up, but then when we walked by it again it looked like this, so I told Ryder the Razorback died.  He is still talking about that the "razorback that died" today!  Ha!

Sunday morning my child decided to put on my boots & prance around in them!  :P He just loves boots in general!  We got up & went to the early service & it was really nice, we might have to start doing that all the time!

Pop Pops brought him lil man his very own hunter orange Cabela's hoodie!  & I'm sure he will be wearing it in the woods next year!  ;)  He loves to put on KeeKee's glasses, & steal all her "moneys" for his piggy bank!

I saw this morning on Twitter that Selena Gomez & Justin Beiber (#love) adopted a puppy together & named him Baylor!  We have a golden named Baylor (named her that when I was thinking about going there, 5 plus years ago) & my friend Abby just got a new puppy & named him Baylor!  I thought that was kinda fun...it really is just a cute name though!

Hope y'all are having a good week!  Only three weeks till Thanksgiving & I think I only have two tests & one paper!  I think I can, I think I can!  =)

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