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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

...our day!

It was so hard getting up this morning when our 7 am alarm went off!--especially when I have this cute lil man to snuggle with for a little bit!
Lil man brushin' his teeth getting ready to go to school!  We are wearing our "Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets" shirt today!  =)

In my Chemistry in Society class, we had to do a "Have it your way project"...pretty much no rules, no guidelines..just has to do with chemistry!  So...this is what I came up with since I love to make wreaths for my front door!  I made a little fall wreath & wrote out the formulas of how leaves change colors in the fall!  I think my teacher liked it...& I even brought a door hanger for her to hang it on her office door (...& we don't get our projects back either which is kinda a bummer...)  But we will see how she liked it when I get my grade back!  =)

I had a Dr.'s appointment in LR today so my dear friend Abbey was kind enough to pick up little man for me from school & take him to the park!  I got there right after they did & me & Abbey had some time to catch up while I let Punkin' play!   We came home, played a bit outside, ate dinner & then went for a walk...it was just so nice out!

This was at a house in the neighborhood over...& I thought it would scare Ryder but he LOVED it & wanted to "go find more"!  This made me excited to go look at Christmas lights & blow ups in the coming months!  =)

We got a bath & had some snuggle time on the couch watching Blue's Clues before going to bed!

Now...Mama's up getting stuff done that I can only do while Punkin' is asleep!  Like...blogging, printing stuff off for school from a million different places on the internet & doing some homework and reviewing for class!

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