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Monday, August 10, 2015

mother's day 2015

This was our last Mother's Day celebration at Snuggle Bug.  They are always so sweet to their mamas and I'm so lucky I've gotten to celebrate with my lil man there for the past three years. 

R has been keeping watch on a bird's nest out in his "tree stand" and it had two eggs in it.  They both eventually fell out.  We found one of them and put it back in the nest, but I think the mom had already forgotten about them.  He was pretty pumped to have found it after it had been "lost" though!
Who knows what he was doing out there...

The Little Red was so pretty on this particular day...it was warm, yet it felt so cool down on the water.  You could feel the cool-ness blowing over you.  

I asked Karleigh to give me a lil fishtail braid!
What a beautiful site to drive home to...
...and I love this little one.  Who isn't so little any more.  
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